Genius Warzone glide is perfect counter for airport tower campers

Warzone character parachuting into a locationActivision

Warzone players have got a genius glide trick that lets them get into the ATC Tower at Airport without being noticed too much by enemies who might be camping up top. 

For most Warzone players, the aim of the game is simple: rack up as many eliminations as possible but also pick up a win while you’re at it.

Though, with the Verdansk map being so big, there are plenty of players who opt for the age-old tactic of camping. They just sit around, pick off one or two players, and then scoop up the win by being sneaky.

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For the longest time, the ATC Tower at airport has been a popular hiding spot because of how difficult it is to fight against players who have already claimed the high ground up there. Though, that might change.

The airport has also gotten some changes with Verdansk ’84.

In the past, Warzone players have used different methods to try and combat ATC campers – including using airstrikes – but that doesn’t help if they’re not in the open part of the tower, but are rather sitting waiting at the elevator.

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Well, now, as Redditor bloodcorona shows, you can actually get up on top of the ATC Tower without them noticing too much, and the campers aren’t sat watching for you, you’ll catch them unaware.

All you need to do is use the TV tower by the edge of the map at Gora Summit and then slide glide your way over. If you time the glide right, you’ll be ready to land just as you hit the windows at ATC, so you’ve got a free path in.

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Plenty of players were taken aback by the trick, with some not having a clue what slide gliding was prior to seeing it. “This is possible?” asked one. “Oh yeah I’m doing this,” added another.

As noted, for the tactic to work perfectly, you’ll need the campers to not be looking your way, but how many are really going to expect someone to take the high ground from them without a vehicle? So, give it a try.

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