Modern Warfare 2 update makes brilliant change to weapon sights

player aiming down sight in modern warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 has made an interesting change to reticle attachments that could change the ways players go about selecting them for loadouts in future.

After a delay, Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 is finally here and has brought with it a whole batch of new content such as the new ISO Hemlock, KV Broadside, Dual Kodachis, and Crossbow weapons.

Not only that, but hardcore mode is also here too. There’s lots to be excited when it comes to the new season of Modern Warfare 2, but there has also been a smaller updates made to reticles in the game.

Every now and again, a small change or two will be absent from the patch notes, which is understandable when so many changes are being made in a gigantic seasonal update such as this one.

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With ranked play added and news of gunfight on the way, attention has been diverted elsewhere. However, eagle-eyed CoD players have noticed a new change made to reticles in Modern Warfare 2 Season 2.

cod mw2 operator aiming down sightActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players spot new reticle update in Season 2

Modern Warfare 2 Reddit user xpatrickmsx pointed out to fellow players that the devs have: “Added a reticle preview!”

When selecting a reticle for a weapon now, if players highlight a reticle option, then a new box pops up next to the pros and cons showing how the reticle will appear in-game.

The change has gone down well with the player base too with one user commenting: “This is a great feature!” and another person adding: “This one is a good change.”

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With news that Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 will receive an extra in addition to Dome and Museum, things are looking brighter for players after it was suggested that some players might skip Season 2 altogether.