MW2 players urge those who have left not to return for Season 2

Call of Duty League operator in Modern Warfare 2Activision

Modern Warfare 2 players are urging players who have put the game behind them not to bother coming back to the game, despite the new content coming in Season 2.

Modern Warfare 2 launched in October 2022 and quickly became the fastest-selling game in the Call of Duty franchise, breaking all kinds of records despite a somewhat mixed reception from players.

Now, four months later, Season 1 is finally reaching its end as the delayed Season 2 is due to start on February 15.

Despite that, and with some exciting new content promised, current players have some advice for those who have stopped playing and might be tempted to return: don’t.

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“If you stopped playing already, don’t come back now,” said AltGunAccount on Reddit. “Seriously. If you already stopped playing because Season 1 was weak and post-release support sucks, don’t come back for S2. Let the developers know they aren’t doing enough. Don’t buy bundles, don’t buy the new battle pass, don’t even log back in. Not like you’re missing much anyway, you’ve already played museum and dome.”

Many of the comments were in agreement, too, citing issues with the direction the game has gone in, including the overall “games as a service” that has become particularly popular.

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Others said that they’ve been “ disappointed 60% of the time I boot this game up,” or pointed out that “S2 is literally content that was in the beta, but got removed during launch.”

Whether or not Modern Warfare 2 does see an uptick in players once Season 2 launches remains to be seen but, at this point in time, many current players are particularly frustrated with the direction the game has gone.