Modern Warfare 2 devs finally confirm Gunfight release date

Gunfight from Modern Warfare 2019 with MWII logoActivision

Infinity Ward, the development team behind Modern Warfare 2, have finally confirmed when the popular game mode Gunfight will release – saying in the Season Two update that players can expect it with Season Three. 

Modern Warfare 2 players have known for some time that the 2022 instalment will get Gunfight, with Infinity Ward confirming back in the summer that it would eventually drop in game. 

Despite that, a specific release date has never materialized. Many expected it with Season Two, but Modern Warfare 2 is instead set for Gun Game, Infected and the return of Hardcore. 

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While the update did not bring Gunfight itself, it did bring confirmation of when players can expect it. 

Modern Warfare 2 will get Gunfight in Season 3

The Season Two update revealed that Modern Warfare 2 will receive Gunfight in a season’s time. That is to say that it will drop with Season Three of Modern Warfare 2.

We don’t have specific details on when that will be, but typical seasons are around two months in length, meaning mid-April looks likely. 

Furthermore, the devs confirmed details relating to Gunfight. It will receive new maps every season, with the mode’s maps specifically designed for Gunfight, rather than areas of existing multiplayer environments.

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Gunfight is a 2v2 multiplayer mode that debuted with MW2019. It sees duos battle it out against other duos in mini-arena matches with no respawns per round. 

The first duo to eliminate the opposing team wins a round, and the first team to win six rounds takes the match. 

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