Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play is banning people after their game crashes

MW2 Ranked Play image with MWII logoActivision

Modern Warfare 2 Season Two has only just dropped, but the brand new Ranked mode appears to have a major issue when it comes to banning players for their game crashing.

Modern Warfare 2 Season Two dropped on February 15, bringing a raft of changes to the annual installment, as well as Warzone 2.

Among other things, we saw a dedicated Ranked mode and traditional Hardcore come to the annual installment.  

On the former, players welcomed the inclusion of penalties for early leavers – increasing the chance of full lobbies and competitive matches. However, issues with game crashing look to have continued and are throwing proverbial spanners into the works. 

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MW2 players report Ranked bans for game crashing in Season Two

One player reported that they’d received a ban from Ranked Play of one hour as a result of their game crashing. 

They asked: “Why do I get a 1 hour suspension for the game crashing twice?” 

Attached was a screenshot showing an in-game message confirming a one hour suspension from the mode as a result of “disconnecting from too many matches recently. Penalties have been applied.” 

The message also confirmed they have been hit with a penalty of minus 150 Skill Rank and warns “Future violations may result in stricter penalties”. 

Other players echoed the issues, with one claiming they were banned for ‘inactivity’ despite being mid-sprint in a match.

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“I’ll do you one better,” they said. “[I] was playing ranked search and destroy and it kicked me mid-sprint for inactivity then took 30 SR and [a] 3 minute ban???”

There does seem to be an obvious solution, which one player identified: “What they need to do is add a system like Valorant that doesn’t punish you if it detects your network issues. Works every time.” 

As of the time of writing, neither Treyarch nor Infinity Ward has responded to the problems but, now they’re highlighted, we can hope for a swift patch and improvements to the long-awaited Ranked mode in MW2. 

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