How to easily kill Flamenauts in CoD Vanguard

Nathan Warby
Flamenaught in CoD Vangaurd
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Flamenauts can easily turn a match of CoD: Vanguard on its head if they’re left to roam around the map. Luckily, players have found a quick and easy way to deal with them if you’re willing to take one for the team.

While the likes of Dogs and Glide Bombs are the most common killstreaks you’ll find in Vanguard, there’s plenty of options to turn a match in your favor. Some automatically bombard the map with projectiles from above, and others put the power firmly in your hands.

The CoD Vanguard Flamenaut killstreak wraps the player in tough armor and equips them with a flamethrower to engulf the map, and enemies, in flames. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself on the wrong side of one of these brutes, don’t be surprised if you have to retreat quickly.

Luckily, savvy Vanguard players have discovered a way to take out a Flamenaut in one hit – so as long as you don’t mind getting caught up in the explosion.

Flamenaught using flamethrower in Vanguard
Flamenaughts can devastate enemy teams

How to one-shot Vanguard Flamenauts

Flamenauts’ thick armor allows them to take heavy damage before dropping. It can often take multiple teammates constantly firing, and a huge chunk of ammo, to bring one down.

But it turns out that simply equipping the Bayonet to your weapons Underbarrel slot gives you the power to make short work of them. Charging and hitting a Flamenaut with a Bayonet kills them in one shot and saves your team a lot of time and ammo.

The downside is that when a Flamenaut dies, it’s lets of an explosion that deals huge amounts of damage. Given that you will have to get within stabbing range, the blast will no doubt take you along with it.

The trick was discovered by Reddit user Inning and uploaded to the official Vanguard subreddit. From the video, we can tell that the Flamenaut had only just spawned, as the recon sweep moments earlier didn’t ping its location on the map.

Obviously, this method requires you to get up close and personal with a Flamenaut, which leaves you exposed to its flamethrower. But if you can sneak up behind and get the drop on them, these hulking tanks won’t give you any more problems.

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