CoD Vanguard players demand changes to “overpowered” Guard Dog killstreak

James Busby
CoD Vanguard Guard Dog killstreak

CoD Vanguard players are demanding Sledgehammer make changes to the game’s overly tanky Guard Dog killstreak. 

Dogs have always been a popular CoD killstreak for those that enjoy hunting down their foes with a bunch of canine companions. Not only do they help flush out pesky campers, but they can also quickly chew through waves of players. 

While man’s best friend performs the same in Vanguard as other CoD games, players are calling for changes to their overall survivability. These AI-controlled hounds may not be the best killstreak in the game, but many fans believe they currently have too much health. 

In fact, it invariably takes fewer bullets to eliminate an enemy player than it does to take down an opponent’s dog. It’s because of this stark difference, that players now want Sledgehammer to make some minor adjustments to these canine killstreaks. 

CoD Vanguard players demand changes to dog killstreaks

World at War Attack Dog
Dogs have been regular streaks in CoD games since World at War.

Having your very own personal Guard Dog or unleashing waves of hellish hounds is one surefire way to secure plenty of kills. With just one lethal bite, Vanguard’s canine companions can take down the most skilled Call of Duty player. 

Even if an enemy soldier spots a hostile dog, they’ll need to unload a number of rounds into it before the ravenous animal hits the ground. “[Dogs] take two rockets to kill, which makes absolutely no sense.” explained one disgruntled player, who also took aim at the high-tier Attack Dogs streak. 

“Like, maybe the Guard Dog, sure, it’s got armor so at least it looks feasible to a certain extent, but the Attack Dogs are just bare and eat high explosives for breakfast without any milk.” 

Some players have simply resorted to meleeing enemy dogs as it messes with their targeting and requires fewer resources. However, this still doesn’t stop their ability to reach rooftop areas instantly, which makes countering them somewhat difficult, particularly on smaller maps. 

“I was just using the G43 and came face to face with the single Guard Dog you can call in. It just looked at me so I shot it 5 times in the head point-blank and then just jumped and killed me. It should not take five point-blank headshots to kill a dog. They also climb roofs and ladders, it’s a complete joke,” said another player

Whether Sledgehammer makes any adjustments to the Attack Dog and Guard Dog killstreaks remains to be seen, but for now, it seems that Vanguard canines are still the top dog. 

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