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Game-breaking Modern Warfare glitch gives player literal ‘wallhacks’

Published: 1/Dec/2019 16:21 Updated: 8/Dec/2019 20:31

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has had its fair share of bugs since release, but this could be the worst of the bunch as a player literally sees through walls in online multiplayer.

Modern Warfare has encountered its fair share of issues since release. From problems with the game’s spawn logic and footstep audio issues, to weapon balancing and player hitbox setbacks, Infinity Ward have had plenty of hurdles to jump over since launch. 

With Activision’s Call of Duty League set to kick-off in the new year, the developers will have been working around the clock to amend the above issues while pushing out new content as part of their season-based content structure. 


Amid all of the above hiccups that require patching, the forthcoming CDL getting underway and pushing out the largest free content drop in history in a matter of days, the last thing Infinity Ward need is yet another bug!

Activision.Season 1 is set to kick-off on December 3.

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Wallhacks in Modern Warfare?

Reddit user, Al24lo, posted a video of their discovery to the Modern Warfare subreddit. While playing a variety of maps, the player discovered that they could see through walls in certain parts of the map. 

The player initially showcased the glitch while playing Domination on Modern Warfare’s newest map, Shoot House. 

When navigating their way through the map, Al24lo found that they could see their teammates and distant textures through walls.


FIX COD MW INSANE BUG/GLITCH Wallhack from modernwarfare

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The issue was not limited to just one map, since the player subsequently tested the bug on both Gun Runner and St. Petrograd, respectively.

Although no reports of the wall-hacking glitch have surfaced from console, it is likely that the issue is related to a combination of the player’s PC hardware components and the map’s textures failing to load. 

Al24lo (Reddit).Gun Runner ‘wallhacks.’
Al24lo (Reddit).St. Petrograd ‘wallhacks.’

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Infinity Ward have their work cut-out

The only report remotely close from console was when CoD pro, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, encountered a bizarre glitch which revealed his opponent’s nametag through a set of closed doors versus Dallas Empire. 


With Season 1 around the corner, Infinity Ward will be looking to patch any form of wall-hacking before players flock into the servers to check out the free content on December 3. 

Given the developer’s response to feedback thus far, it is likely that Ashton Williams and Joe Cecot will be hot on the heels of any exploit that gives players an advantage in Modern Warfare.