First look at Modern Warfare’s new ‘Port’ Ground War map

Infinity Ward/BlackoutMap

A number of Call of Duty YouTubers have shared a first look at the upcoming ‘Port’ Ground War map, which is set to be added to Modern Warfare when Season 1 launches on December 3. 

Modern Warfare’s multiplayer has been praised for its versatility, offering a wealth of game modes for players to dive into. These include standard 6v6 modes, but also the unprecedented 2v2 Gunfight mode, and the Battlefield-esque 32v32 Ground War mode. 

Ground War maps are expansive takes on villages or towns, with one – Krovnik Farmland – already being added post-launch. Infinity Ward have officially confirmed another, known as Port, which will be added on December 3. 

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YouTube: KarnageClanA full overview of the new ‘Port’ Ground War map.

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The new map, full name Port of Verdansk, takes place around a harbour, and is aesthetically resonant of the docking area in Black Ops 4’s Blackout map, which was based on Cargo from Black Ops II.

However, Port also features a callback to an Infinity Ward game – 2007’s original Modern Warfare. Vacant, one of the most popular multiplayer maps from that title, is featured as a location in Port, and will return as a standard 6v6 multiplayer map when Season 1 launches on December 3. 

The video below, from popular CoD YouTuber SwaggXBL, shows a more detailed run-through of the map.

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Port of Verdansk is described by Infinity Ward as: “Battle across massive shipping crates, cranes, buildings, and streets in this unique Ground War map experience.” 

Many CoD fans have been enjoying Ground War, a previously unprecedented scale of warfare for Call of Duty. The previous iterations of Ground War we have seen in Call of Duty typically feature teams of 9, nowhere near the large-scale combat Modern Warfare boasts.

Infinity WardAn overview of Modern Warfare’s Season 1.

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Not only does Vacant return for Season 1, but so do Crash and Shipment, two more fan-favorite maps from the original Modern Warfare. These will be joined by new Gunfight maps, with two being confirmed as Cargo and Atrium. 

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New weapons and game modes will compound the maps, as Infinity Ward and Activision try to deliver on their promise of making Modern Warfare’s DLC the most immersive and biggest in Call of Duty history. 

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