Modern Warfare devs know about footstep issues, but aren’t fixing them

Scott Robertson
Activision Blizzard

In the patch notes of the massive November 22 Modern Warfare update, Infinity Ward included some internal notes regarding the changes they were making, specifically Gun Game and the ongoing issues with footsteps noise.

The latest update for Modern Warfare, patch 1.08.1 focused mostly on fixing several bugs, most notably the Dead Silence bug that was affecting the time that the Field Upgrade was lasting when Call of Duty League rules were enabled.

The developers also made changes to the footstep sounds, something that’s been a hot topic since the game released, and released plenty of new content including new Special Operations, and the highly anticipated Gun Game.

Infinity Ward seems really happy to be adding Gun Game to Modern Warfare, as indicated by some internal notes from the developer that were left on the patch notes.

Activision BlizzardThe section of patch notes featuring dev insight (in red)

Under the Gun Game section, a note written in italics reads “.”

While you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who disagrees with Infinity Ward’s sentiment, their second note in the patch notes is what will draw attention from the community.

Under the note about footstep noise being adjusted for crouching and Aiming Down Sights, an italicized internal note reads: “.”

Activision.Footstep audio has been tweaked when ADS and crouching/walking.

Many players have pointed out with the new patch that it doesn’t address some of the major criticisms that have been leveled against the game such as weapon balancing, Skill Based Matchmaking, spawn issues that didn’t receive fixes.

Members of the dev team have been very responsive on social media over recent weeks regarding issues like this, and not only have those prominent issues not been fixed, but community members could become even more annoyed at the sight of the devs being openly aware of issues and still not giving them proper fixes.

While the note about footsteps volume doesn’t provide any indication if and when the volume of the footsteps will be reduced to the community-requested level, more updates to Modern Warfare are more-than-likely coming in the near future as the game continues to improve.

Whether or not Infinity Ward will continue to be as candid in the patch notes, accidentally or otherwise, remains to be seen. We will update this story if and when Infinity Ward responds to the inclusion of the developer notes.

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