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Bizarre Modern Warfare bug turns player ‘invincible’

Published: 29/Nov/2019 17:23 Updated: 29/Nov/2019 17:25

by Joe Craven


A bizarre new bug has emerged in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, seeing a player literally transformed into an ‘invincible’ state, where they are invulnerable to opponents. 

Since Modern Warfare’s October 25 release date, a number of glitches and bugs have emerged, as is to be expected with the release of any new title. 

Glitches have varied in severity, with some minor bugs regarding challenges and cosmetics becoming frustratingly common. However, on November 25, one Reddit user shared their experience of a serious invincibility glitch, which renders a player completely un-killable. 

Infinity Ward/GameInformerA number of glitches have emerged, but few are as serious as this invincibility bug.

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Shared with the caption: “I turned invincible and I don’t know why”, the Reddit user is doing their best to show that they were not cheating, and simply experienced a game-breaking glitch. 


While playing Hardcore Domination on Shoothouse, the player calls in a Precision Airstrike before dying. They then respawn back into their own Airstrike and are killed again. 

This quick cycle of deaths and accidental suicide seems to trigger a glitch as the player is completely invulnerable upon respawn. However, not only can damage not be dealt to the player themselves, they are unable to damage opposition players too. 

[INVINCIBLE BUG, please fix] I turned invincible and I don’t know why from modernwarfare

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The enemies were clearly were confused by the player’s new-found invincibility, and proceeded to accuse them of hacking. 

Reddit users were also left scratching their heads at the clips, with various suggestions coming forward. 


The most plausible seems to be that the game’s spawn protection – given to all players so they cannot be killed immediately off spawn – bugged and accidentally lasted longer than it was supposed to. However, this would not explain why the player could not deal damage to enemies too. 

RedditSome more background information was provided.

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It also appears that the player was unable to play any objectives while in their invulnerable state, with one Reddit user describing them like a “spectator with their own character model”. 

Infinity Ward are yet to respond to the bug, but it amassed significant attention on Reddit as users tried to draw attention to it. Given the seriousness of the glitch, a patch will be a priority as soon as Modern Warfare’s developers are on it.