Frustrated Warzone star Aydan outlines ideal ranked play system & rewards

Theo Salaun
Twitter, @aydan / Activision

One of Call of Duty: Warzone’s biggest names, Aydan, has been vocal about his displeasure with the game. But now, he’s turning that frustration into constructive criticism – outlining his ideal Warzone ranked playlist. 

While the Warzone Pacific update hoped to revitalize the battle royale, bugs and issues have stunted that renaissance. Instead, one of the game’s all-time top earners and top-ranked pros, Aydan, joined thousands of fans in complaints about the game’s state and new map.

Like console players considering ‘retiring’ from Warzone, Aydan sharply criticized Caldera before considering a switch back to Fortnite. While he’s now balancing his tilt out by playing some Apex Legends, the streamer has a vision for what could bring him back to Warzone full-time.

And that vision is a “Ranked Play” mode, similar to what already exists in Apex and what players have been asking about for months. In a new tweet, he outlined precisely what this playlist would need.

Aydan describes ideal Warzone Ranked Play

Logistically, Aydan’s wishlist for a ranked mode is fairly simple. Zero cheaters, a ranking system with separate tiers, and a variety of rewards would be enough to get the streamer back involved.

While hackers should be handled by RICOCHET Anti-Cheat, the other elements shouldn’t be too far-fetched. Divisional ranks already existed in Black Ops Cold War’s League Play, as did rewards – although Aydan wants more extensive rewards and would likely prefer a different ranking system.

black ops cold war league play blueprint
Players could earn rare weapon blueprints in Black Ops Cold War’s League Play.

Unlike BOCW, a Warzone ranked system could operate similarly to Apex, with points awarded for placement and kills. And, with a tier system scaling to “Master” rank, Aydan suggests incentives like “Ultra Rare Operators, weapon skins, and charms.”

At the moment, Vanguard doesn’t have ranked play and issues surrounding the lack of its inclusion have lowered hopes. OpTic Gaming founder H3CZ bashed the devs for ignoring the competitive scene and fellow streamer Swagg replied to Aydan saying the ranked dream is “chopped.”

Still, Warzone already lost thousands of viewers when NICKMERCS left to Apex’s ranked mode. If they want to stop other big names from doing the same, then maybe this outline can prove useful.