Warzone players satisfied with RICOCHET anti-cheat “overwhelming success”

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone players satisfied with RICOCHET anti-cheat "overwhelming success"

Hackers have had their way in Warzone for quite some time, but the new RICOCHET anti-cheat has been putting an end to it and players are happy with the early success.

The biggest news of Warzone Pacific came back on October 13, when the anti-cheat was revealed to the community.

This new system has been implemented to monitor the streets of Caldera and minimize the cheating issue.

While the anti-cheat was delayed a bit and released on December 15, a week after Season 1’s launch, players are overly excited with the initial success the program has seen.

Ricochet Warzone loadout
RICOCHET launched globally on December 15.

Warzone players pleased with RICOCHET anti-cheat success

The Call of Duty Warzone anti-cheat is live and players everywhere are rejoicing as the infestation of cheaters is slowly getting wiped out.

In this Reddit post by ‘Chief-Aldo,’ they claim that the anti-cheat has done a great job and, when looking at all of Warzone’s problems, hacking is one of the last things brought up.

Warzone players are ecstatic that this is finally here and that it actually has been extremely viable for making sure hackers are suppressed.

One Redditor, looking past all the bugs and issues with the game, said that “even with the glitches, the post-RICOCHET era has been so much more fun to play in.”

The community is starting to notice a turn for the better and even though there are still numerous issues with Warzone, they are enjoying the Pacific more than Verdansk.

Warzone anti-cheat
Warzone players are happy with RICOCHET’s success so far.

Another person added, “it’s working pretty well. I’ve probably had 3 rage hackers in 200 games. Cheaters are enough of a rarity now that the game is perfectly playable.”

It has only been two weeks since the RICOCHET launch but players are already loving the changes are think it “can only get better with time.”