Buggy Warzone is causing console players to consider “retirement”

call of duty warzone pacific console ps4 playerActivision / Pexels

Call of Duty: Warzone’s console players, across Xbox, PS4, and PS5, have truly been struggling with the new Caldera map’s performance. And it’s gotten so bad that some are considering ‘retiring’ from the game and infighting has begun.

Although Call of Duty’s history lies with console, some feel that its future lies with PC. Warzone is likely the biggest CoD game of all time and its most highly anticipated season, Pacific, was nearly unplayable on last and current-gen consoles.

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While there is a temporary workaround to help gamers survive the crashes, that hasn’t stopped the complaints. Now, devoted console players are considering stepping away from the title entirely.

In one example, a Redditor by the name of ‘c7xss’ showed frustrations over the notorious FOV slider (or absence of it). And their reaction was simple: “I don’t know how much longer I can play on console.”

Warzone’s console players consider quitting due to Pacific problems

While c7xss wasn’t complaining specifically about bugs, they’re just one of many frustrated at the moment. Some players want FOV sliders, some want fewer crashes, and many are at their wit’s end. 

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And c7xss isn’t the only one contemplating quitting either (whether they were joking or not). So many console players are fed up that the Warzone community is internally fighting over “retirement speeches.”

Console Warzone players retiring en masse?

warzone pacific on ps4Activision / Théo Salaun
This is how Warzone Pacific looks on PS4 (with on-demand texture streaming enabled).

In a since-deleted post, one user complained that the Warzone subreddit should “stop with your retirement speeches.” But they were immediately shut down, with many explaining that the issue isn’t retirement speeches – it’s the state of the game causing them.

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As ‘ultimatenormie77’ explained, “the game is literally unplayable on all consoles and that isn’t even an exaggeration. Old gen consoles will brick up, the Series S can’t even render any trees properly, and the SX and PS5 drop to like 10FPS consistently enough to make the game impossible to enjoy.”

While other console players claim they’ve been able to play just fine, many agreed the game is buggier than ever. It remains unclear when optimization will come, though, as Raven Software are apparently still “investigating” the issues.

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