NICKMERCS urges Warzone streamers to leave for Apex Legends after Caldera flop

Nickmercs next to Wraith from Apex Legends and Warzone operator.Twitch: Nickmercs / Raven Software / Respawn Entertainment

Nicholas ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff is beating the Warzone defection drum again, urging top streamers like TimTheTatman, Aydan, and more to permanently quit Call of Duty’s battle royale for his title of choice, Apex Legends.

Former Warzone star NICKMERCS has firmly planted his Apex Legends flag after major disappointment over the Call of Duty battle royale’s new Caldera map.

The popular Twitch streamer was unquestionably Warzone’s biggest star from its 2020 release to his shock defection in August, but has barely touched the CoD battle royale since. Now he’s calling for other top stars to follow his lead more permanently, suggesting Apex Legends as the “best new option.”

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According to Kolcheff, the Call of Duty franchise title has had “long enough” to claim gaming’s top spot, and instead fumbled the bag. With the game sliding, now is the perfect time to pick up a new game.

“Warzone streamers just have to switch,” he said.

“Every time there’s an update they get hype, say it’s fire, then days later they’re roasting it for everything. They just need to leave, things won’t change.”

NICKMERCS yells into his Twitch camera.Twitch: NICKMERCS
Kolcheff is convinced Warzone’s time has passed for gamers and streamers alike.

It’s a cycle, the Twitch star explained, that he’s watched every year since Call of Duty began leaning into calendar releases. The hype hits boiling point before the new game, everyone buys into hype, and then they realize what kind of “lazy” update they’ve actually been given.

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“I’ve seen this so many times, every year,” NICKMERCS said. “Every year these Call of Duty stars sit there telling us it’s going to be the best CoD ever, that ever existed.”

“Every year! They say, ‘Wait till you see what they have in store, it’s so fire!’ and then they, during the first few days, they’re losing their minds. And then it changes. Four days go by and they’re like, ‘This game is trash, what the f**k,’ and just start begging for changes, calling everything broken.

“They start questioning why they keep playing,” he added. “I’m telling you, do that. Stop buying things. Stop playing that game. Just come play Apex Legends.”

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NICKMERCS has made it no secret he rates Apex Legends far higher than Warzone these days, often grinding the Respawn battle royale upwards of eight to ten hours a day in his quest to go pro in the game.

Apart from one short Warzone stream back in early December, the Twitch star has barely touched the game in months. Even on the eve of Caldera’s huge release, NICKMERCS warned he wouldn’t change his mind on the title, which he claims is just a second-rate rival to Apex Legends after its failures.

“The best battle royale out there right now is Apex Legends,” the star claimed recently. “Having that successful ranked mode to grind makes such a difference.”

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