Warzone fans discover fastest way to level guns on Rebirth Island “in 30 minutes”


With Call of Duty: Warzone’s meta shifting frequently due to new patches, players are racing to level their weapons. Fortunately, fans exposed one of the fastest and best ways to level guns on Rebirth Island – and it only takes “30 minutes.”

In the past, Warzone fans complained that metas existed for too long and made the game stale. But, with Warzone Pacific, sentiments have gone in the opposite direction.

After near-instant nerfs to guns like the Automaton, BAR, and Cooper Carbine (among others), players are now annoyed that they can’t keep up with the meta. With 70 levels per Vanguard weapon, it’s a race to fully grind guns out and use them before they get nerfed.

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There was a 4XP bug that made life easier, but it’s already been patched out. Which leads us to another strategy on Rebirth Island. According to fans, this method is the fastest of all and you just need a friend and some 2XP tokens.

Warzone’s fastest way to level guns on Rebirth Island

As posted by ‘JustLawlyOnTwitch,’ the Rebirth Island method is similar to the Plunder one (before it got patched out). Basically, you just need to slap on a 2XP: Weapons token, drop in with a teammate, grab a helicopter (and the gun you want to level), then start hitting Supply Runs.

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Unlike every other mode, Supply Runs are incredibly easy to complete in Rebirth since it’s a smaller map and they’ll often bring you back to the exact same spot. So, one player can move around in the helicopter grabbing contracts, while the other stays on the Buy Station ready to complete it.

JGOD using the QBZ on Rebirth IslandJGOD / Activision
If you can avoid enemies on the small map, Rebirth can be a leveling goldmine.

Lawly claims this method is “faster than Vanguard multiplayer” and that you can max level up a gun in around 30 minutes doing it. Others have suggested similarly, but given a slightly longer hour estimate for how long it takes.

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In the replies to Lawly, people are already asking that fans “don’t make this public” because of fears an “emergency patch update” will deploy. 

But it’s still an option for now, you just need to have a friend who’s down to grind and the stealth to avoid any hungry Rebirth Island enemies. If it does get patched out, like Plunder did, then feel free to check out our list of the other best ways to level Vanguard guns in Warzone.

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