Aydan hates Warzone’s new Caldera map so much he might actually quit the game

Aydan stares at Call of Duty Warzone Pacific.Twitch: Aydan / Raven Software

Popular Call of Duty streamer and top Warzone earner Aydan Conrad has revealed he’s considering “moving on” from the game he’s made more than $330,000 from after a terrible first day on the battle royale’s new Pacific map.

Two years after release, Warzone has finally traded Modern Warfare’s Verdansk battleground for the bright shores of tropical Caldera, the battle royale’s second-ever map.

The island map went live in CoD Vanguard’s latest update, shipped live on December 8. With the Pacific swap-over came a host of WW2 weapons and more events, perks, and vehicles ⁠— including 1940s planes ⁠— in what Raven Software billed as the game’s next era.

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Instead, fans have been quitting in droves on day one.

Warzone star Aydan may be among those leaving too; the Twitch streamer admitted as much on launch day, after not enjoying “even a second” of the map.

aydan warzone ban org announcementTwitch: Aydan / Raven Software
The Warzone star has been playing Warzone since its release in early 2020.

Like thousands of other Call of Duty fans, Aydan was champing at the bit to try Vanguard’s new Warzone map, Caldera, after months of hype. And, like many fans, his experience quickly turned sour.

“Not a fan of the Caldera map,” he admitted.

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“I feel like I’m just running up hills and rocks and just die to people sitting on top of them, every death. I don’t care about being at the top [of Warzone’s competitive scene] if I’m not having fun bro.

“I’m gonna give it more time, obviously,” the battle royale streamer continued. “But if I’m not enjoying the game anymore I’m going to move on.”

It’s a shock suggestion from Aydan, especially considering the star New York Subliners streamer’s place atop the Warzone professional scene.

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“I had to hop off Caldera because I just wasn’t having fun. I feel like the only thing Caldera has over Verdansk is how pretty the map looks. It could be because I’m sick and just crabby. I just can’t see myself playing Warzone every day anymore though.

“I’m really sad,” he added, before revealing he might even swap back to Fortnite after the Epic Games battle royale’s “fire” Chapter 3 update hit servers.

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Aydan has yet to pull the trigger on any plans to quit Warzone, of course. Even suggesting he might, however, is a major shock for CoD players all the same.

The Subliners star has risen to lofty heights playing Warzone since 2020. Conrad has raked in more than $331,890 in earnings. He originally jumped ship from Fortnite when CoD’s battle royale debuted, teaming with MuTeX and ZLaner before linking up with Rated more recently.

Only time will tell if the star’s position on Caldera will actually change, though he did say he wants to “give it another go with a positive mentality” before he decides.

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