Freaky Warzone bug turns teammate into a giant grenade

Freaky Warzone bug turns teammate into a giant grenadeActivision

The Warzone Pacific update has been plagued with visual bugs but this one could take the cake as a teammate turns into a human-sized grenade. 

The battle royale got a huge overhaul after the latest Warzone update brought a new map, over 40 Vanguard weapons and, sadly, some glitches.

Players have been complaining about numerous visual bugs ranging from buildings not loading to audio issues throughout the game. Caldera has been a walking nightmare for some.

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Speaking of nightmares, hopefully this latest glitch won’t haunt your dreams since a player was turned into a lethal piece of equipment.

Warzone Greande skinActivision
A Warzone player briefly transformed into a freaky piece of equipment.

Warzone visual bug turns player into grenade 

Warzone has had its fair share of visual glitches. Players have grown an extra arm, turned into a bird, we’ve even had the demon glitch return, but a new bug is making an appearance on Caldera.

This YouTube clip posted by ‘CubKulAid’ shows them looting up after wiping a squad but what happened next, no one saw coming.

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Out of nowhere, their teammate transforms into an enormous walking grenade. This clip was also posted to Reddit where fans got a good kick out of it.

One person used this to reference a famous Hollywood line from Captain Phillips. “Look at me, look at me, I am the grenade now.” While another Redditor just thought that map one of CoD’s previous modes was brought into Warzone, “Prop hunt confirmed.”

Warzeon FlahsesActivision
They appear to turn into one of the grenades that are available in Warzone.

Other people joked around claiming that this is a hidden operator skin players can get. “Legend has it that when you throw too many games in a row you unlock the nade skin.”

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It is unknown if they appeared like this for enemies but if they did it could provide a competitive advantage as it could be difficult to locate the hitbox of the player while disguised as a grenade.