Warzone’s game-breaking demon gun glitch returns with Pacific update

Demon gun glitch in Warzone pacificActivision

For a long time, Warzone players thought they were safe from the demon gun glitch, but it made yet another return in the Pacific update alongside the Caldera map, and it’s ruining people’s games.

The demon gun glitch is one that most Warzone players will be familiar with. The insane graphical error causes weapons to look spiky, much bigger, and take up way more of the screen than they should.

It’s not only incredibly ugly but it makes gunfights significantly more difficult, sometimes even taking up almost the entire screen and essentially rendering you and your weapon useless.

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The glitch actually disappeared from Warzone for months and, while it looked to be a thing of the past, has made its grand return with the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update.

Warzone Pacific updateTreyarch/Activision
Warzone Pacific Season One went live on December 8.

The launch of Warzone Pacific, which went live on December 8 for Vanguard owners, wasn’t without its issues, with top streamers like Dr Disrespect having big problems with it, as well as the likes of Aydan even threatening to quit the game over the implementation of new map Caldera.

With players facing a number of issues and making various complaints about the huge update, the return of this bug only makes matters worse.

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In case you haven’t seen it before, the post below shows it in all its glory, making for a cool-looking yet infinitely unhelpful weapon, that only gets worse when you try to ADS to actually take down an enemy.

The demon gun glitch has been in Warzone countless times before, and it doesn’t look to be willing to quit just yet.

Hopefully, developers Raven are better equipped to deal with it now than ever before, and the bug should be a thing of the past once again before long. They’ve already addressed it on their Warzone Trello board, so it’s certainly on their radar.

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