Wacky Warzone bug turns briefly turns player into Machamp

Activision / The Pokemon Company

Call of Duty: Warzone has seen many different operator skins and collaborations through its existence. However, a new visual bug has people laughing as a player was lending a helping hand and turned into the Pokemon, Machamp.

There’s always something brewing in Verdansk and with Season 5 Reloaded around the corner, there is tons of new content to come. However, with every update, there are always bugs that come with it.

Some Warzone glitches can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game. Anywhere from FOV bugs to Loadout Drops falling through the map, most can play a role in the outcome of a game.

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With plenty of bugs ruining gameplay, it’s nice to see one that everyone can sit back and crack a little laugh at.

Warzone battle royaleActivision
Players are laughing at a visual bug that gives you a third arm.

Warzone bug gives player an extra hand

On a lighter note of Warzone glitches, this one is certain to take the cake. A Reddit clip posted by ‘acoolrocket’ shows one of the funniest glitches you’ll see in Verdansk.

In this clip, you can see while the player is dropping in when they suddenly gain an extra arm. Instantly, it has you wondering, how on earth does this happen?

After reviewing the footage again you see the player had the Kali Sticks equipped but before they were able to pull their parachute the game decided it was right to lend a helping hand to the player.

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It goes away almost immediately and provided no advantage for the player in any way. However, it didn’t stop people from imagining how a third arm could be really useful in Warzone.

Players would be able to throw grenades why still aiming down sights or even have three akimbo weapons at once. There are endless possibilities, but unfortunately, this is just a visual bug and Warzone operators will not be getting three arms.