Warzone players slam Caldera audio issues making it impossible to hear footsteps

Warzone players slam Caldera audio issues making it impossible to hear footstepsActivision / SteelSeries

While playing Warzone it is essentials to use audio cues in order to figure out where enemies are coming from. But players are complaining as that is nearly impossible on Caldera. 

The new era of Warzone started on December 8 as a new map, weapons, and update took over the battle royale.

Since the new map takes place in a World War II setting, there are tanks, planes, bombing runs, and more.

These vehicles and other ambient noises are making it extremely difficult to hear footsteps as Caldera is being compared to a real-life battlefield.

plane flying across caldera in warzoneActivision
Warzone added planes and other World War II vehicles to the game but players claim they are too loud.

Warzone players can’t hear footsteps on Caldera

As people continue to grind out the new Warzone island they have realized how tough it is to make out sounds, especially footsteps.

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This Reddit post by ‘Scubasteve1006’ perfectly used a Spongebob clip to describe how loud Caldera can be with all the planes and explosions.

One Redditor said, “After playing this map all day I swear I could hear the airstrike planes while falling asleep.” Another added, “I spent 2 minutes running around in a house thinking that the plane explosions from afar were some enemy footsteps.”

Even Warzone guru JGOD brought this up in a YouTube video claiming that it is very hard to hear with all the background noises. “All those explosions sound like footsteps it’s kind of wild. They need to tone that down a little bit… All the ambient noise is way too loud.”

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Topic starts at 7:12 for mobile viewers

However, in the December 10 update, Warzone devs did address this issue and sent out a patch to lower “aerial gameplay elements.”

Despite this players are still complaining about how loud Caldera is and that they still are confused by which sounds are what. At the time of writing this, Raven Software still has this issue marked on their Trello board.

This could mean that this patch was a small step toward fixing Warzone audio and there could be another update that lowers it even more for players that are on the ground.