Forgotten Modern Warfare shotgun has one of the highest KD ratios in Warzone

Alex Garton
VLK Rogue Warzone loadout

An underrated Modern Warfare shotgun currently has the second highest KD ratio in Warzone after receiving huge buffs in the Season 4 Reloaded patch.

While ARs, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, and even LMGs are all popular categories in Warzone, there’s one that often gets overlooked, and that’s shotguns.

Although these weapons certainly are not lacking in firepower at close-quarters, the majority of players would rather equip a meta SMG in their secondary slot.

Despite this, that might be about to change, as an underrated shotgun’s KD ratio has skyrocketed since the Season 4 Reloaded patch.

This Modern Warfare weapon may have been forgotten by most of the community, but it’s definitely worth testing if you want to dominate opponents at close-range.

VLK Rogue Modern Warfare
The VLK Rogue is absolutely lethal at close-quarters in Warzone.

VLK Rogue shotgun has second highest KD in Warzone

According to WZRanked, since the Season 4 Reloaded patch, the VLK Rogue’s KD ratio has exploded to 1.39 and risen up to second behind the extremely popular H4 Blixen.

While the Modern Warfare shotgun still has an incredibly low pick rate of just 0.2%. it may be worth getting ahead of the competition and testing this gun out in your matches.

In the recent update, the VLK Rogue alongside a set of other shotguns received a 26% increase in its max pellet damage.

This huge buff is likely the reason why the powerful weapon is performing so well and securing players countless kills in their matches.

Modern Warfare VLK Rogue
Shotguns rarely have a high pick rate in Warzone.

Warzone YouTuber IceManIsaac has even labeled the VLK “overpowered” in a recent video, so it’s possible the gun’s pick rate may rise significantly very soon.

Either way, if you’re going to run the VLK, make sure to use Overkill so you can pair it with a strong AR or SMG.

We recommend the KG M40 or the NZ-41 as both are strong options in the current meta. If you struggle to control recoil, it may be worth running the Vargo 52, as the Cold War weapon makes it easy to beam opponents from distance.

Pairing any of these with the VLK will result in a versatile loadout that can perform on any map and net you a lot of kills.

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