Dr Disrespect slams Warzone devs over Dead Silence update: “They lied to us!”

Dr Disrespect stares at Warzone.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect is taking no prisoners in Caldera, going all-in on the Warzone devs over Dead Silence’s recent nerfs ⁠— or lack thereof, the Doc says ⁠— and claiming Raven Software “lied to players” in a bid to kill backlash.

The two-time is on the Dead Silence warpath again after Warzone’s huge Pacific update, slamming Raven Software for “lying” about plans to nerf the perk.

Warzone fans have been demanding something be done about the infamous Dead Silence perk since 2020. The problem ⁠(one the Doc has weighed in on plenty of times) is that the upgrade gives some players unfair advantages due to audio settings.

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Raven Software did ship several Dead Silence changes in the Warzone Pacific Season 1 update, primarily focusing on curtailing the powerful perk’s high presence, but the two-time isn’t so convinced.

According to the star YouTuber, the upgrade is “as strong as ever,” and the fact it’s still dominating Warzone in Caldera is confirmation the devs “lied” about nerfs.

Dr Disrespect rubs chin on YouTube stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time didn’t hold back in his latest Dead Silence rant.

Dr Disrespect was grinding out the new Caldera map ⁠— and battling the temptation to uninstall the battle royale ⁠— when he fell prey to a silent enemy sneaking up behind him. It was the last straw for the streamer.

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He sighed: “Guys, Dead Silence got me again.”

“I thought they actually nerfed it? No? So they did fake f**king PR for the game to sell the new season. They told us Dead Silence was going to be out of the game, or at least nerfed or whatever. It’s not, it’s still sh*t! It’s still something that we, all the players, don’t want in the game anymore.

“Two years later, how many times do we have to say we don’t want it, for it to still be in the game. It’s still in there!” he yelled. “For whatever reason, I have no idea, it’s still in there, they decided to leave it in there anyway.

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“You can’t hear anyone behind you because they’re Dead Silenced. They lied to us! They lied to their players. It’s fake PR… I’m getting real close to uninstalling!”

The two-time’s campaign against Dead Silence is famous in Warzone circles, with his December explosion just the latest chapter in his bid to have Raven Software scrap the perk entirely.

While still in Verdansk, Doc called it gaming’s “biggest mistake.”

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“Stupid f**king mechanic. Take it out of the f**king game! Take it out, take it out!” he repeated in anger. “Let’s stop being idiots, 85-year-old men that we’re catering this game for. Just take it out. It’s a braindead design, take it out of the game. It’s a corny-ass mechanic, simple as that really.

“In video game history, if I were to look at video game history, I think Dead Silence in Warzone has got to be one of the top mistakes ever. It really does.”

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YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software
Dr Disrespect has made it very clear he’s not a fan of the Dead Silence field upgrade.

The Warzone Season 1 changes for Dead Silence, shipped on December 8 alongside the Caldera map release, were as follows: “This Field Upgrade will now refresh on first kills only, with reduced drop rates found in loot.”

Raven Software has also promised they will “continue to monitor the strength of the Field Upgrade over the season” and make more changes if needed.

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