Dr Disrespect slams Warzone’s “corny” Dead Silence as the worst mistake in gaming

Dr Disrespect and Dead Silence in WarzoneYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Activision

Streaming star Dr Disrespect wants Dead Silence removed from Warzone, calling it a “corny” mechanic that shouldn’t be a part of the battle royale.

For the past few years, Dead Silence has been a huge sticking point for some Call of Duty fans.

In Modern Warfare, it wasn’t used as a perk, but a Field Upgrade, and at times it simply didn’t work as intended.

When it comes to Warzone, the inconsistent footsteps audio either makes it either super overpowered or completely useless, and plenty of players have called for change, including Dr Disrespect.

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Twitch: DrDisrespect
The Doc is never one to shy away from having his opinion on things.

During a recent stream, the Two-Time dove into Verdansk for a few games on the new Season 4 update, but found himself getting rather irritated by Dead Silence.

“Stupid f**king mechanic! Take it out of the f**king game,” Doc yelled, slamming his desk in trademark fashion. “Take it out! Take it out! Let’s stop being idiots, 85-year-old men that we’re catering this game for. Just take it out. It’s braindead design, take it out of the game,” he added, saying it’s a “corny ass mechanic.”

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The Two-Time wasn’t finished there, though. “I think in video game history, if I were to look at video game history, I think Dead Silence in Warzone has got to be one of the top mistakes in the gaming industry, it really does,” he added.

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Having games ruined by Dead Silence didn’t end there for The Doc. He fell victim to more players using the field upgrade later in his stream, and reiterated his thoughts about it not having a place in Warzone.

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It even landed on his list of five things he’d change to make solos better, alongside speeding up the overall pace of the game.

Plenty of other Warzone fans have complained about Dead Silence, mainly focusing on it’s high spawn rate. However, it remains to be seen if changes will be made.

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