Dr Disrespect has huge problems with Warzone Pacific: “I’m ready to uninstall”

Dr Disrespect over the Call of Duty Warzone Pacific logo.YouTube: Dr Disrespect / Raven Software

Dr Disrespect has ripped into Warzone’s new Pacific update on launch day, repetitively claiming he’s “falling asleep” and is already considering uninstalling the Call of Duty battle royale despite its big Caldera changes.

Just 24 hours after declaring Warzone’s new Caldera map could be a “gamechanger” for the battle royale, Dr Disrespect is on the verge of uninstalling the game again.

The two-time’s spotted history with Call of Duty’s flagship title isn’t over yet, but it seems like it’s getting closer and closer to “goodbye” for Dr Disrespect and Warzone. The YouTuber was originally quite excited to try the new Caldera map, but has quickly turned on the Vanguard update on launch day.

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“I just want to uninstall the game,” he declared.

“That’s where I’m at,” the Doc continued just hours into his Caldera campaign. “It really feels like something is broken here. I had hopes… I don’t know, it’s boring.”

Dr Disrespect rubs chin on YouTube stream.YouTube: Dr Disrespect
The two-time backflipped on his Warzone Pacific hype after playing on launch day.

Dr Disrespect admitted he was struggling to get out of first-gear while playing ⁠— a factor he claims is because nothing about the Pacific update excites him.

“I’m already bored with this game,” Dr Disrespect admitted. “I just don’t know what else to say champs. It’s bad. I don’t know. It just doesn’t, “ah!” and get me excited. If there are people getting giggly over this… god man, if they are, our expectations are just so low. I’m actually falling asleep playing this game.

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“Warzone is supposed to be this over the top blockbuster arcade video game that you can pop into, start playing and have fun with because it’s super high rep, boom boom boom… and I ain’t getting that feeling.

“I’m getting really close to uninstalling this game and switching over to Battlefield 2042 where I know I’ll lose 98% of my audience. That’s how close I am to done.”

Warzone Caldera hutsActivision
Warzone’s new “Caldera” map and the Pacific update has yet to convince jaded players.

As his December 8 stream rolled on, the YouTuber pulled at the weaving of the historic Warzone swap-over, with each match poking more holes in the update.

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In the end, it all boiled into a classic Doc rant.

First, Doc claimed the World War II theme “makes [him] want to throw up” all over his “high-end peripherals”. The issues with Caldera don’t stop there though, he added. In a long, sarcastic speech, he listed all the things that “just make sense” in Warzone ⁠— of course, going on to list all the major issues.

“Everything seems to make sense. It just makes sense to go World War II fiction. That you need to own Vanguard to play. The audio’s making me go deaf. It makes so much sense to bring back Dead Silence, a perk everyone loved, or that every weapon I pick up doesn’t kill them.

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“To me it makes sense,” the Doc said, before dropping his sarcastic facade. “I’m telling you, to me, it’s clear there’s a need for a new game, now, a new experience.”

The Doc ended his first Warzone Pacific stream on a low note, but the battle royale’s change-up must have stayed with him ⁠— hours later he weighed in again, this time sharing several positives on Twitter.

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“So I’ve calmed down,” Dr Disrespect admitted, before listing off the things he did like about the Warzone Pacific update. These included Caldera’s “unique” points of interest, “constant engagements,” and the fact there’s “always cash on hand.”

The Doc isn’t the only top star struggling with Caldera on day one either; Warzone’s top earner, Aydan, has warned he may “move on” if things don’t improve.