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Warzone players want major changes made to “ridiculous” Dead Silence

Published: 13/Jun/2021 16:10

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Warzone players have called upon the devs to make a number of changes to Dead Silence, with complaints about it spawning too much in-game.

When running around Verdansk, many players ignore the Field Upgrades that drop out of boxes and spawn on the floor, and just trust their gun skill.

These upgrades aren’t the difference between winning and losing, of course, but if you use them in the right situation, they can be a massive help.

Dead Silence has always been a frustrating choice, just because of how the audio works – or sometimes doesn’t work – and you never want to die to someone you can’t hear. Well, players want changes.


Infinity Ward
Infinity Ward
Dead Silence was controversial in Modern Warfare as it was a Field Upgrade, not a perk.

A raft of solutions have been suggested by different players, with many focusing on it having too high a spawn rate currently in-game. “I’ll kill someone with DS on and grab another one off their body. Too many on the map,” said Redditor CAPRS94.

“When players are opting for dead silence over munitions/armor boxes which cost $4.5k and $6k you know it’s an issue,” added another player.

Aside from the spawn rate being an issue, other players said it needs to have a “negative effect” in some way, say enemies being alerted to Dead Silence being activated in the area or it’s removed as soon as you fire a shot off.


Dead silence needs a negative effect from CODWarzone

“Dead silence should slow your movement. Wanna be silent? Then go slow. It’s kinda ridiculous that you’re silent while moving much faster,” added maurino83. “Make high alert or another perk to counter it,” suggested another player.

Raven Software have made plenty of changes to Warzone before based off community feedback, but it remains to be seen if they’ll go all out on the changes that players want to Dead Silence.

Toning down the spawn rate is an easy thing to do, but that would likely mean another Field Upgrade takes its spot, which could cause more frustrations.