Steve Aoki & Pete Davidson star in new Modern Warfare 2 ads

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 worldwide reveal is scheduled for June 8, and Call of Duty has released several teaser trailers featuring popular celebrities, building up to the official reveal. 

A teaser trailer for Modern Warfare was released on June 2. The trailer featured iconic Modern Warfare 2 characters Price, Ghost, Gaz, Soap, and Vargas preparing for a mission in a Humvee.

Several spinoff trailers were released after the initial trailer featuring celebrities such as Call of Duty content creator TimTheTatman, NBA superstar Trae Young, SNL star Pete Davidson, and DJ Steve Aoki.

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The initial teaser trailer currently has 1.4 million views on Twitter and the other trailers went viral as well.

Pete Davidson and Steve Aoki star in Call of Duty ads

On June 3, the official Call of Duty of duty account tweeted a trailer featuring Pete Davidson with the caption: “Now we know what Pete will be up to on Saturday nights.” Davidson recently quit Saturday Night Live during the finale of the show’s 47th season.

In the teaser trailer, Davidson asks the other Task Force 141 members to hold his hand because he is scared and then precedes to almost blow himself up while handling what appears to be an RPG-7. Price decides that they should leave Davidson behind in the vehicle.

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Call of Duty released a new trailer on June 6, this time featuring popular DJ Steve Aoki with the Twitter caption “every squad needs someone on the Aux.”

Aoki asks a Task Force member next to him what they are listening to before realizing that they are listening to his music and then he pulls out a cake with the famous Call of Duty line “stay frosty.” After he asks if anyone wants a slice, Price says that they should leave Aoki in the vehicle.

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Call of Duty is sure to release more funny commercials featuring celebrities up until the title’s official release on October 28.

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