Warzone Season 2 leak claims new vehicle can destroy Buy Stations and Loadout Drops

Nathan Warby
Warzone helicopter and loadout drop

Warzone Season 2 is right around the corner, and fans are eager to see how the Caldera formula will be shaken up. According to a fresh leak, a new vehicle is on the way capable of laying waste to both Buy Stations and Loadout Drops.

Even though it was hit with a slight delay, the hype surrounding Warzone Season 2 is beginning to grow. We’ve already seen leaks hinting that Apex Legends-style Redploy Balloons could be introduced, and Raven themselves have been teasing some changes to Caldera’s landscape.

But players are keen to see even more drastic changes going forward. If a new leak is to be believed, a brand-new vehicle could be coming in Season 2, which is powerful enough to add a whole new layer of strategy to Warzone matches.

Warzone Buy Station
Buy Stations and Loadout Drops have always been vital parts of Warzone, but they’ve never been destructible before.

The alleged leak comes from Real1tyUK on Twitter, who claims to have found a reference to a new vehicle called the Bomber lurking in the game’s code. Caldera is already littered with jeeps and planes to get around quickly, but this new airship appears to be on a different level.

With three manned turrets and space for a pilot, the Bomber is said to be more durable than other aircraft. It also supposedly has enough firepower to wipe out Loadout Drops and Buy Stations from the map altogether.

The Bomber’s leaked full description reads as follows: “When it’s time to call in the big guns, there’s no better vehicle at your disposal than the Bomber. This aircraft packs a heavy punch, with seating for three turrets and a spot for the pilot who can drop explosive payload bombs that can turn Buy Stations into shrapnel and Loadout Crates to debris.”

“Though less agile than the Dauntless, the Bomber’s exceptional armor lets this bird take a beating.”

The ability to destroy Loadout Drops and Buy Stations will pique players’ interest, as this would mark a drastic change to the flow of Warzone matches. Raven finally allowed players to buy loadout drops at any time recently, but this new flying force of nature could make them far harder to call in.

Pushing enemy teams to rely on ground loot would be a huge advantage for anyone lucky enough to find a Bomber on the map. It also limits rival players’ ability to buy killstreaks, armor, and ammo.

Unfortunately, this leak doesn’t reveal any more details about how the Bomber will work if and when it does arrive. We still don’t know how many will spawn per match, or if there is an ammo limit to prevent all of Caldera’s Buy Station from being eradicated.

As always with leaks that these, be sure to take them with a pinch of salt until they are confirmed by the developers. Until then, be sure to head over to our Call of Duty page for all the latest news.