Modern Warfare 2 reworks Multiplayer default classes with 3 different play styles

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has completely reworked the way default classes are built for Multiplayer, with developers molding them into three classes of play style. 

CoD: Vanguard tried to cater to different playstyles with the introduction of Combat Pacing, which gave players three different options for lobby sizes and gameplay styles. 

Tactical pacing provided traditional 6v6 matches which is a CoD staple. Assault pacing featured teams of up to 14 players and Blitz pacing featured up to 48 players on a single map. Combat pacing received mixed reviews by members of the community and Assault pacing was removed in an update on May 16.

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In Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward is taking its own approach on how to appease different playstyles. 

modern warfare 2Activision
The cover for Modern Warfare 2 features Ghost.

Three Established behaviors in Modern Warfare 2

During an early access preview event, attended by our sister website Charlie Intel, Design Directors Joe Cecot and Geoff Smith did a deep dive into player behaviors with the goal of creating a “best-in-class” Multiplayer experience.

To do this, default classes have been built around “established behaviors.”

Infinity Ward pinpointed three different established behaviors for Multiplayer players and CoD veterans are probably very familiar with the player generalizations: 

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  • Rushers (run and gun) players just want aggression and constantly rush to combat-heavy areas of Multiplayer maps. 
  • Sentinels (campers) protect themselves from death and either sit in corners or place themselves in places that guarantee easy engagements. 
  • Stalkers are reactionary players that watch movements and are more interested in playing objectives than going for high-kill games. 
Modern Warfare Ghost with MWII logoActivision
Modern Warfare 2 will bring Warzone 2 with it at some point after release.

Default loadouts have been designed with these characteristics in mind. There are six default loadouts in Modern Warfare 2 and two for each play type. 

MW2 aims to support these established player behaviors by working to filter for different players and how they can play successfully. Cecot and Smith said that they want to “embrace emergent play”.

Information is rather vague on what exactly this all means for actual gameplay or Multiplayer map design, but fans should be optimistic that developers are paying attention to player behaviors and developing Modern Warfare 2 with them in mind. 

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