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Black Ops Cold War glitch is giving players wallhacks in multiplayer

Published: 20/Mar/2021 20:13 Updated: 20/Mar/2021 20:58

by Julian Young


Reports from Black Ops Cold War players have surfaced on social media showing off footage of a new game-breaking glitch in multiplayer that accidentally gives players wallhacks.

Since the game’s launch in November 2020, Black Ops Cold War has provided CoD fans with new content across its campaign, multiplayer, zombies mode, and even Warzone via its integration with the hit battle royale.

Despite its popularity, the latest Treyarch title has been hit with plenty of bugs and glitches since release. These issues have ranged from smaller problems with League Play, to more frustrating bugs like camo progress resets and even players being locked out of the game.


Fans have now started reporting a bug in the game’s multiplayer modes — new to Cold War, but a familiar occurrence across the franchise’s last few games — that’s giving players in-game wallhacks, and allowing them to dominate the competition without even trying.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 Multiplayer
Activision / Treyarch
Black Ops Cold War’s multiplayer modes have been hit with a potentially game-breaking bug.

Posts about this issue began appearing on the Black Ops Cold War subreddit on March 19, only a day after developer Treyarch pushed out a new patch for the game, which some players quickly pointed to as the culprit for this glitch.

People shared footage of multiplayer matches where they could see an enemy’s nameplate at all times, across the entire map, and even through cover. The first clip was taken from a game of S&D where an enemy’s nameplate popped up the player’s screen as soon as the match began.


I could see enemy’s gamer-tag in live movement (SnD gamemode) from blackopscoldwar

As the user rushed across the map, the enemy’s name — and more importantly their position — was revealed the entire time. They proceeded to make their way across The Pines and finally found their enemy, who was quickly gunned down by the player and one of his teammates.

In another clip shared by a different user, a nearly identical situation unfolded. During a game of Control, the player could see an enemy’s nameplate across the map, and proceeded to gun them down from afar while tracking them (by following their visible name) the entire time.

The game gave me wall hacks against one player for an entire game from blackopscoldwar

The bug does not appear to be limited to a specific game mode, with users reporting the problem in Fireteam Dirty Bomb and Domination as well. The issue wasn’t listed on the official Cold War Trello board at the time of writing, but it’s only a matter of time until Treyarch catches wind of the problem.


While Cold War has faced its fair share of issues since launch, this is not the first time CoD fans have encountered this particular problem. Reports of the exact same glitch were shared by players in both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone battle royale matches.

If the issue occurring in Black Ops Cold War is similar to those encountered in other CoD titles, Treyarch will hopefully be able to push out a quick fix and make sure some players don’t have a random advantage over their opponents during multiplayer matches.