New Warzone bug makes grenades completely useless

Warzone C4 throw with logo

A bizarre Warzone grenade bug has surfaced in Season 2, completely stopping players from using their explosive equipment and triggering random animations. 

Despite Warzone’s incredible popularity, the prevalence of bugs and exploits in the game have been immensely frustrating to players. Whether it’s the ‘infinite stim’ glitch that Raven just can’t seem to eradicate or the ‘demon gun glitch’ (which has been eradicated), bugs and glitches will have affected almost all players at one point or another.

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While a game of Warzone’s size was bound to have bugs and inconsistencies, some members of the community have argued that Raven and Activision have been too slow to solve issues, especially the game’s ongoing battle with hackers.

Warzone Season Two dropped at the end of February, but a lot of issues still remain.

The bug was captured by one Redditor, who was swiftly downed as a result of his issues. Ambushed by an enemy team around Airport, the player tries to use a small shed as cover.

However, going to throw their Semtex, an odd animation is triggered, more similar to a character putting a Gas Mask on or calling in a UAV. The result was that the Semtex remained un-thrown, and the enemies in question swiftly downed the frustrated player.

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“I tried to throw semtex twice,” the Redditor explained, “but the UAV/gas animation started instead… wtf.”

It’s not the most common bug in Warzone, but a number of Redditors also replied to confirm they had experienced similar issues, and similar results. “It’s happened to me too, got me killed,” one replied.

We’re also not sure what caused the issue, with the player’s game functioning normally apart from the Semtex-specific issues. As of the time of writing, neither Raven nor Activision have responded to the problems.

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For a full look at the Warzone bugs they are investigating, check out their dedicated Trello board.

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