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Game-breaking Warzone bug is basically giving players wallhacks

Published: 9/Jun/2020 12:11 Updated: 9/Jun/2020 12:47

by Andy Williams


A major bug in Warzone is effectively granting players the ability to see their enemy’s location through walls, thanks to a glitch with nametags appearing through certain structures.

Warzone can often be like traversing a proverbial minefield. Between literal explosives planted in the ground (Proximity Mines) and enemies camping in buildings, it’s difficult to roam the streets of Verdansk in hopes of a win.

But it appears that could be made much easier, thanks to a newfound bug which is quite literally granting players a wallhack of sorts.

Players standing on a building in Warzone.
With squads often camping their way to victory, navigating Verdansk can be an uphill battle at the best of times.

Redditor ‘ChrisBilionz’ discovered that enemy nametags were visible through walls in Verdansk, giving players some major intel on their whereabouts.

Not only does this reveal the location of the player lurking behind a structure, but it also allows players to determine how close they are to the wall — based on the size of their nametag relative to the wall.

In the clip, the player simply aims down sight and the enemy tag is revealed, allowing them to swoop in for an easy kill.

The game is so broken i could see his name tag through a wall… from CODWarzone

The same bug surfaced in the early days of Modern Warfare. CoD pro, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, stumbled upon the glitch during a scrim with rival squad, Dallas Empire — although this was subsequently patched by Infinity Ward in an update.

Yet somehow, Warzone seems to be an exception to the rule, as the bug has made an unwelcomed return to Infinity Ward’s servers, but this time in their Battle Royale game.

It’s unclear whether Infinity Ward are aware of the issue, but considering that there is no indication on the developer’s tracker, we can assume that it’ll be a while before a hotfix will be rolling out.

So the next time you get suspiciously domed through a wall, it might be worth thinking twice about whether there’s any legitimate foul play at hand.

Call of Duty

New Black Ops Cold War data reveals true power of game’s best guns

Published: 23/Nov/2020 6:26

by Brad Norton


An in-depth breakdown of Black Ops Cold War has revealed the true damage, time to kill, and plenty more for the game’s most powerful weapons.

The gunsmith in Black Ops Cold War is a step forward in one key way. Toggling over to the advanced statistics on a particular gun reveals more information than any game prior. We have more insight into the exact values of certain categories than ever before.

Though is this information completely accurate? Does it provide all of the most important data? Not entirely. Thankfully, popular Call of Duty YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce’ has put the work in and manually reviewed every weapon in the new release.

From the raw damage of each gun to the accurate TTK, we now know the true power of the best loadouts. Here are the biggest takeaways from Xclusive’s Cold War weapon data.

Guns with the quickest TTK in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War Aug
Tactical Rifles have quickly become the most utilized weapons in BOCW.

If you’ve been playing since launch, this topic should come as no surprise. While the MP5 led the charge early on, Tactical Rifles have dominated since the SMG nerf. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this is a result of their extraordinary TTK.

While other factors such as bullet velocity and rate of fire aren’t anything noteworthy, the TTK reigns supreme by a large margin. The M16 and the AUG come in with the best TTK of any weapons in the game at 132 and 154 milliseconds respectively. Do bear in mind, however, that these values are noted as an absolute minimum, not the average.

While the two Tac Rifles stand out from the pack, there’s one surprising weapon that also features a shockingly fast TTK. The KSP 45 SMG, an underutilized weapon for the time being, boasts a 166 ms TTK and comes with the best bullet velocity of any gun in the game.

Weapons with the best damage in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War KSP
Since the MP5 nerf, the KSP appears to be the most powerful SMG in the game.

While TTK is obviously important, raw damage output is vital as well. Oftentimes enemies will already be tagged, so landing just one or two shots will seal the deal. That’s where the higher damage output will come in handy.

In terms of SMGs, the KSP 45 leads its class with 50 damage per bullet – 8 damage higher than the Milano 821. For Assault Rifles, the AK-47 narrowly leads at 38 damage, though the Krig is right behind at 35 damage per shot.

Fastest weapons in Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Milano
The Milano is currently the fastest weapon in BOCW.

If your goal is to be sprinting through the map and moving as fast as possible, there are few factors to keep in mind. ADS speed, Sprint Out time, and of course, your base movement speed are all significant.

For the best ADS speed of any primary weapon in the game, the Milano 821 is the gun for you. Without any attachments, it comes in 25ms faster than any other SMG at just 250ms.

It also leads when it comes to Sprint Out time at 233ms, tied for first with the MP5 and the Bullfrog. Last but not least, all SMGs come with the fastest movement speed in the game, tied with Shotguns and Sidearms.

Those are just some of the highlights from the massive Cold War breakdown. You can check the full list of information from TheXclusiveAce right here.

Keep in mind these are just the base statistics as well. These values will only improve with attachments. To truly get the most out of these standout weapons, here’s a rundown on some of the best loadouts in Black Ops Cold War.