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Game-breaking Warzone bug is basically giving players wallhacks

Published: 9/Jun/2020 12:11 Updated: 9/Jun/2020 12:47

by Andy Williams


A major bug in Warzone is effectively granting players the ability to see their enemy’s location through walls, thanks to a glitch with nametags appearing through certain structures.

Warzone can often be like traversing a proverbial minefield. Between literal explosives planted in the ground (Proximity Mines) and enemies camping in buildings, it’s difficult to roam the streets of Verdansk in hopes of a win.

But it appears that could be made much easier, thanks to a newfound bug which is quite literally granting players a wallhack of sorts.

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Players standing on a building in Warzone.
With squads often camping their way to victory, navigating Verdansk can be an uphill battle at the best of times.

Redditor ‘ChrisBilionz’ discovered that enemy nametags were visible through walls in Verdansk, giving players some major intel on their whereabouts.


Not only does this reveal the location of the player lurking behind a structure, but it also allows players to determine how close they are to the wall — based on the size of their nametag relative to the wall.

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In the clip, the player simply aims down sight and the enemy tag is revealed, allowing them to swoop in for an easy kill.

The game is so broken i could see his name tag through a wall… from CODWarzone

The same bug surfaced in the early days of Modern Warfare. CoD pro, Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, stumbled upon the glitch during a scrim with rival squad, Dallas Empire — although this was subsequently patched by Infinity Ward in an update.


Yet somehow, Warzone seems to be an exception to the rule, as the bug has made an unwelcomed return to Infinity Ward’s servers, but this time in their Battle Royale game.

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It’s unclear whether Infinity Ward are aware of the issue, but considering that there is no indication on the developer’s tracker, we can assume that it’ll be a while before a hotfix will be rolling out.

So the next time you get suspiciously domed through a wall, it might be worth thinking twice about whether there’s any legitimate foul play at hand.