Black Ops Cold War League Play bug is stopping players ranking up

Black Ops Cold War CDL skins league play on moscowActivision

Black Ops Cold War has finally implemented League Play into the game, but it’s not had the warmest welcome from the competitive community — and now it’s removing gems from players trying to rank up.

With players wanting a proper ranked mode that allowed them to progress based on wins and personal performance, many have said that this League Play is a far stretch from what was expected.

Lead dev David Vonderhaar even spoke out about the reception to League Play and some of the bugs that were affecting it — but this new one might be the most inconvenient yet.

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If you’re hoping to get out of the lower divisions, you might want to keep an eye on your gems…

league play gems black ops cold warActivision
To rank up, you need to collect gems… but the game is actively working against some players.

If you’ve played much of the mode, you’ll know you need to collect gems to rank up, based on your final position in the Division Ladder at the end of each event.

Ideally, you want to finish each event, at or near the top of the ladder, and earn yourself some gems to reach the next rank in a bid to reach Master.

While sometimes you won’t end up in the money and earn yourself some gems, you can be content and feel safe with 0. But, it looks like some players are actually losing gems, going into negative numbers, such as lxrcombe here.

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As you can see, lxrcombe is placed in Advanced and needs to collect 3 gems to rank up — but has somehow ended up with -6.

For what it’s worth, if you’re unfamiliar with the BOCW League Play system… a negative number of gems should actually be impossible.

It’s unclear how or why this is happening, but a number of players are reporting it, so it isn’t an isolated case.

Treyarch will want to investigate this bug — among others — to see why it’s happening and ultimately find a fix, or else players might be turned away from loading the game up altogether.

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