Ridiculous Modern Warfare bug reveals nameplates through walls

Brad Norton
Infinity Ward - Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare has been plagued by a number of bugs since launch. Being able to spot enemy nameplates through walls might take the cake for the most egregious oversight to date however.

Having released on October 25, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare has been accessible for just under a month now and despite an influx of recent patches, one glaring oversight continues to pervade throughout online competition.

Various surfaces across a number of maps have been scrutinized by the Call of Duty community of late and it turns out that many spots actually reveal the locations of opposing players.

Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareShoot House was released on November 11 and is one of the smallest maps in Modern Warfare, leading to a number of nametag issues.

The majority of these instances appear to stem from rather thin plywood that covers various windows. While it’s entirely fair to be able to shoot through such flimsy material, especially with FMJ rounds, Heads Up Display (HUD) essentially acts as though there’s nothing blocking the line of sight between players.

As enemies cross various streets or attempt to bunker down on an objective for instance, this oversight allows players to see their bright red nametags through walls from practically any distance. 

A November 21 post from Reddit user ‘T4yz’ demonstrated just how powerful this bug can be in the heat of combat during an objective-based game type.

Overlooking the B Flag in a closely contested game of Domination on the newly released Shoot House map, the player was able to spot multiple enemies simply by aiming at the wooden surface.

Spraying through the wall, they quickly picked up two eliminations without ever actually seeing their opponents in the flesh.

An obviously unfair advantage, this bug can make it extraordinarily difficult to capture certain objectives as not only do players have to look out for enemies in the open, but also enemies completely behind cover.

Not exclusive to the latest maps alone, this oversight is prevalent throughout the likes of Grazna Raid as well. 

An in-depth breakdown from Reddit user ‘BaconOG’ exemplified a number of broken spots across the map. From close range advantages to long-range sightlines, the bug can be utilized in some extremely lopsided scenarios.

For instance, with a full concrete wall protecting players parallel to the B Flag, a cheeky wooden surface allows snipers to freely peak at the top of the blue building, picking off any opponents by surprise.

Not the first issue involving nameplates in Modern Warfare, Call of Duty veteran Seth ‘Scump’ Abner recently encountered a glitch that displayed an enemy name through a set of doors, subsequently giving him the upper hand.

With a major patch set to release imminently, perhaps spotting enemies through walls will not be an issue for much longer.

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