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Bizarre Warzone glitch eliminates Gulag winners for no reason

Published: 14/Jan/2022 15:27

by Nathan Warby


Warzone’s Gulag gives players one last chance to return to Caldera after death by beating an opponent in a 1v1. But a strange glitch is eliminating those who emerge victorious, completely breaking the entire system.

Ever since the launch of Warzone Pacific, the CoD battle royale has been notoriously riddled with bugs and glitches. This has continued after the mid-season update, with players reporting everything from invisibility glitches to out-of-map exploits.

The new update also appears to have caused problems with one of Warzone’s oldest features – the Gulag. This arena gives fallen players the chance to earn themselves a free respawn, by defeating another player in a 1v1.


First, we saw a bug that let spectators disrupt the solo battles. But a new glitch appears to be randomly killing off players straight after they have escaped the Gulag.

Warzone player holding gun in the Gulag
After the spectator glitch began ruining the Gulag, players are now randomly dying after winning.

Reddit user PinkLyfe69 uploaded a clip that seemed to reveal the surprising new bug. The player can be seen taking out their opponent who wasn’t moving at the spawn, after which the banner saying “Gulag Winner” appeared at the top of the screen.

This would normally mean they get to return to the action in Caldera for a second chance at victory. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for this player.


At the point they should be redeployed and come go parachuting back in, they are met with a screen informing that they had been eliminated, and placed 96th in the match. There was nothing they could do but watch the XP earned come rolling in.

A new fairness mechanic has been added from CODWarzone

It is unclear from the video exactly what is causing this glitch, as the Gulag winner didn’t seem to do anything out of the ordinary. But this is clearly a big problem for Raven Software to fix, as those currently suffering from the glitch are at a severe disadvantage.

Other users responded calling out the developers for allowing yet another glitch to creep into Warzone. “Just another day in the life of a AAA game from a billion-dollar studio,” said one sarcastic reply.


The Gulag feature is crucial to the overall Warzone experience, and at the moment it seems that some players are only being afforded half as many lives as the rest of the lobby. Fans will be hoping to see a fix for this issue very soon.