OP Warzone 2 gulag bug gives players massive advantage in 1v1

Alex Garton
Warzone 2 gulag bug

A Warzone 2 gulag bug is allowing players to skip the countdown timer and start running toward their opponent before the 1v1 has officially started.

While mastering recoil patterns and learning how to outplay opponents with movement is difficult in Warzone 2, it’s the gulag that the majority of players struggle with most.

Although the goal of eliminating your foe in a 1v1 appears to be a simple task at first, the pressure of the arena can lead a lot of competitors to make mistakes and miss their shots.

As a result, it’s vital the gulag is fair and a level playing field for both challengers so the true victor can earn their freedom.

Unfortunately, an OP bug is disturbing the balance of the gulag and giving certain players a huge advantage over their opponents.

Warzone 2 gulag glitch
The gulag gives Warzone 2 players a second chance to respawn if they can win a 1v1.

Warzone 2 bug is ruining the balance of gulag 1v1s

Taking to the CODWarzone subreddit, user patdv posted a clip of them taking on an opponent in the gulag after being eliminated on Al Mazrah.

Although the 1v1 looked normal at first, patdv quickly realized that their foe was running towards them before the countdown timer had finished.

Luckily, the red outline that’s present at the start of a duel showed their exact position, but the opponent did have around five seconds where patdv was unable to move.

In the end, the enemy didn’t make the most of their unfair advantage and patdv dispatched them with ease.

While the glitch didn’t result in an unfair win in the clip above, this bug certainly has the potential to cause a massive amount of frustration.

The gulag is meant to be a completely level playing field to determine the most skilled player in a 1v1, so any problems with this ruin the competitive integrity of matches.

Let’s hope the devs can identify the issue as quickly as possible and roll to a fix to solve this for good.

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