Frustrating out-of-map glitch spot in Capital is ruining Warzone matches


Warzone players have discovered a crazy wallbreach spot in the Capital POI that is ruining matches and leaving victims absolutely dumbfounded.

Warzone cheaters have always found a way to stretch the game to its limits, and a lot of the time that has come through wallbreach glitches, allowing players to hide inside the walls of the map and pick off unsuspecting enemies.

The problem was particularly notable in Verdansk, with spots such as these regularly popping up in areas such as Prison and Airport.

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While it’s not been so common in Caldera, some of these areas have started to pop up — including this one at Capital.

warzone attack helicopterActivision
Caldera hasn’t put wallbreach cheaters out of business by any means.

Warzone Capital wallbreach spot

Capital is a pretty popular hot-drop, which just makes matters like these even more infuriating — but at least it answers some questions you might have over some suspicious deaths in the POI.

As shown in the TikTok below, which is going viral on the platform, it’s incredibly easy to get inside one of the roofs at Capital, run around and cause chaos from total safety.

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All it requires is a deployable shield, and you can mantle your way right into the walls and take down any opponents that happen to run past.

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This appears to have been in Warzone for a while now, though it’s not clear exactly how long, but it’s picking up some serious steam online. For that reason, you should expect to see it happen a lot more — or devs Raven Software patch it out before long.

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