Bizarre Warzone Gulag glitch is allowing spectators to run onto the battlefield

Warzone player holding gun in the GulagActivision

The Gulag in Warzone serves as a shot at redemption to earn that second life in Caldera, but a new glitch is confusing players are spectators are running onto the battlefield. 

Season 1 of the Warzone Pacific era brought a new version of the Gulag to the game. This features two outside lanes and a little house in the middle.

After dying in a game, players are sent here to fight for a shot in a 1v1 environment to earn their redeployment.

While it is already challenging enough to win your Gulag fight, a new glitch is making it even harder as other people are allowed to storm the field.

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Warzone Gulag glitch allowing multiple players in arena

In a Reddit post by ‘colemanni’ they post an interesting bug that is allowing non-participants to interfere with the 1v1 fight that’s currently going on in the Gulag.

You can see in the video that the player is trying to the enemy when suddenly a bystander starts running on top of the barriers. Just like anyone else, they start firing bullets at this operator and get hit markers, but it ends up getting them killed as that wasn’t the enemy.

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One Redditor said this is a glitch that can be done at any point while in the Gulag. “Apparently you have to hop on the barrel and then crouch on the fence in order to get there.”

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Bizarre Warzone bug forces players to start in the Gulag

Players are concerned as this can lead to a lot of problems while in the Gulag. If it’s as easy as just crouching on a barrel to get into the battlefield then this can be replicated every time.

As shown in the clip, it is very likely that someone will shoot at this spectator and it will then reveal their position to the true enemy. Players are hopeful this is patched as soon as possible.