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Warzone players choose 4 Caldera areas that are perfect for new POIs

Published: 12/Jan/2022 20:09

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone players aren’t quite satisfied with their new home in the Pacific. Instead, fans have picked out four sparsely populated areas that would be the perfect locations for new POIs.

While the most typical complaints about Warzone Pacific are about game bugs and exploits, there is some constructive criticism, as well.

Namely, a lot of conversation has centered around how the Caldera map flows. FaZe Swagg claimed its environments take ‘less skill’ to fight in than Verdansk and fans have generally flamed the map’s scarce, “boring” center.

The critique is essentially that Caldera’s most interesting POIs are scattered around the outskirts, while the middle is devoid of much excitement and variety in gunfights. So, a player has picked out four spots that would be perfect for new locations.


Warzone fans pick 4 Caldera spots for new POIs

Adding named POI’s to these areas would make Caldera more diverse and even better. Agree? from CODWarzone

As Redditor ‘Dull-Caterpillar3153’ posted, there are four distinct areas of Caldera that could fit new POIs. Two are unsurprisingly adjacent to Peak: a northern one between Peak and Docks and a southeastern one in the triangle between Peak, Sub Pens, and Fields.

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As you can see in Caterpillar’s sketched circles, there are practically no buildings or structures in these areas – they’re essentially open expanses. As anyone who’s fought in those areas can attest to, they’re basically just bushes and mountainous high ground, which don’t make for the most diverse gunfights.


CoD Warzone Caldera gameplay
Peak has been criticized for being the only (and highest) POI in Caldera’s center.

The other two spots Caterpillar etches down are to the west. One is the giant hill between Mines and Village, while the other is that lightly populated terrain triangularly seated between Airfield, Mines, and Fields.

Despite being on the other side of the map, anyone who’s fought in these areas can tell you that it feels much like the aforementioned locations. When varied structures don’t exist, rotations through tropical hills and shrubbery can feel repetitive.

While the replies to Caterpillar’s suggestion aren’t exactly confident in the developers, many do agree. One said that “Caldera needs like 6 or 7 more POIs,” with some hoping that these empty spaces are being saved for new event-based additions in the future.