Warzone 2 glitch is randomly sending players to the Gulag without dying

warzone player hiding behind low barricadeActivision

The Gulag in Warzone 2 has caused some division among players, as it brought in a new style of gameplay to the Call of Duty battle royale, but everyone will agree that a glitch randomly sending players to the Gulag shouldn’t be happening.

Warzone 2 launched in November 2022, and despite mass fanfare at the start, the bugs and glitches in the game, alongside a completely revamped style of battle royale, have turned a number of players off.

This glitch, though, has to be by far one of the most frustrating for players looking to simply enjoy their time in Al Mazrah and, hopefully, notch up some wins to add to their tally.

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The issue is, that becomes far more difficult when the game is working against you, exactly as Warzone player Drago discovered when watching it happen to his teammate.

As you can see from the teammate’s POV, everything looks absolutely fine, and while he’s driving through the tunnel he randomly gets sent to the Gulag despite not even being shot at.

From Drago’s POV, though, it’s much clearer: when his teammate starts driving, the car glitches and flies through the air, finally crashing and exploding, sending him to the Gulag. None of this was visible to the player actually driving.

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It’s unclear how exactly this has happened. It doesn’t look like a latency issue from the victim’s POV, but it’s hard to provide a precise cause, especially for the average player simply witnessing it happen.

This is actually almost the exact opposite of a glitch Warzone pro Fifakill had while he was in the Gulag, when his teammate bought him back into the game before his Gulag match had even ended.

Nonetheless, with Season 2 delayed, this is another issue for the devs to look into and try to get fixed before the new season launches.