Warzone players mindblown as ADS invisibility glitch makes aiming impossible

Jaret Kappelman

Warzone players have been dealing with invisible glitches for quite some time but now it’s taking on guns and making it impossible to aim while aiming down the sights (ADS). 

Since the beginning of Warzone, the battle royale has been plagued with various editions of invisible glitches.

While the Pacific update tried to limit the number of issues that the game has, players have still been running into these game-breaking bugs.

With updates hitting the game, glitches are bound to be discovered. This latest one is actually taking weapons right out of the operator’s hands.

call of duty warzone invisible skin battle pass pacific
Warzone invisible glitches have been hitting the battle royale for quite some time.

Warzone players baffled by invisible ADS glitch

When Raven Software said they would be altering how ADS works in Warzone, turning a weapon invisible while tracking them probably isn’t what they had in mind.

In a Reddit post by ‘lookmaimonthereddit’ the player is left speechless as they try to secure a kill. However, they find it extremely difficult when they encounter a glitch.

As seen in the video, the player is firing at an enemy while aiming down their sights. Suddenly, their gun just vanishes into thin air, invisible to the eye.

Even though the Bren is still shooting, it is basically impossible for the player to aim at the opponent that is trying to run away.

Players were losing their mind watching this and made some jokes out of this due to some recent changes in the mid-season update. “Didn’t you read patch notes? They nerfed Bren.”

While Warzone devs did nerf the Bren to try and move the meta, it seems they have taken it a step further and made the gun unusable with this glitch.