Warzone 2 player gets free win after a bug locked them in the Gulag

Warzone 2 is getting the new Blacksite gulag in Season 3, shortly after the 1v1 gulag was implemented.Activision

A Warzone 2 player was gifted a free battle royale win after a strange glitch locked them in the Gulag for 15 minutes.

Warzone 2‘s Gulag is a place where players duke it out after getting killed for a chance at another shot in the battle royale. Overall, it’s meant to be a positive addition to the game that helps players get back to the action faster.

Unfortunately, sometimes trips to the Gulag don’t always go as some players plan. While fairly rare, sometimes players sent to the Gulag can experience some fairly disruptive glitches that can make or break a round of Warzone.

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One player recently encountered a strange Gulag glitch that, at first glance, seemed to just waste their time — but it actually ended up netting them a win in the battle royale match.

Warzone 2 player wins in the Gulag

A post on the CODWarzone subreddit showed off this strange glitch, when one player posted a video with the caption, “I, uhhhh, just won a game after being in the gulag for 15 mins.”

The brief, 15-second video shows the player likely trying to hop out of bounds after being stuck in the tiny map with no opponents to face, until they are given 186 XP and met with the “Victory” screen.

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According to fans players on the subreddit, this isn’t an isolated experience. Though the glitch seems fairly rare, one player claimed they’d, “seen this once or twice before in WZ 1. Still weird to see.”

Others wondered what made the OP simply run around for 15 minutes instead of leaving the match after they realized what had happened. “I would have left. I’d rather play then run around in there for 15 minutes straight,” said on commenter.

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Some on the other hand praised their dedication to see how far the glitch would go. “You stayed in there for 15 minutes! You deserve the W,” said one fan while another noted, “Your patience paid off.”

Based on many of the replies, it’s likely there’s no definitive way to recreate this glitch and that it may just come down to pure chance. While the OP certainly got lucky with this bug, their opponents match undoubtedly ended with a lot of confusion.

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