Call of Duty

Best FN Scar 17 loadouts for Warzone and Modern Warfare

by James Busby
Activision / Infinity Ward


The FN Scar 17 has been a fan-favorite ever since Modern Warfare 2 hit our screens back in 2009, but you’ll need to equip this iconic assault rifle with the best attachments if you wish to truly dominate your foes. Here, we break down two of the strongest FN Scar 17 loadouts that you can use in both Warzone and Modern Warfare. 

With the likes of the overpowered Grau and ever-popular M4A1 loadouts dominating Modern Warfare's virtual battlefields, the FN Scar 17 has struggled to shine in the current weapon meta. Despite its incredibly small clip size and slow rate of fire, this deadly assault rifle still delivers dizzying damage numbers across all ranges. 


Whether you’re after another gun to level up or simply want a rifle that you can rely upon in intense firefights, then be sure to add the FN Scar 17 to your arsenal. In order to help you get the most out of this rifle, we’ve put together two loadouts that you can use to gain a competitive edge over your foes.

Best FN Scar 17 loadout for Warzone

FN 17 Scar Warzone loadout
Activision / Infinity Ward
Increase the FN Scar 17's damage range with these deadly attachments.
  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • Forge TAC 20.0” LB
  • Commando Foregrip
  • 30 Round Mags
  • Stippled Grip Tape 

Warzone’s Verdansk map is a big place and having a gun that only excels in close-quarter battles can quickly leave you high and dry. Fortunately, this loadout greatly increases the FN Scar 17's ranged damage, allowing you to capitalize on those medium to long-range firefights.


The first attachment on the list is the Monolithic Suppressor. This hefty muzzle drastically increases your effective damage range, while also keeping the gun silent when fired. Being able to shoot without giving away your position is huge, particularly when you wish to remain hidden from prying eyes. 

Next up is the Forge TAC 20.0” LB and Commando Foregrip. These attachments further supplement the FN Scar 17's already decent ranged damage, but also assist with aiming stability and lower the rifle’s recoil. Even with these attachments equipped, the FN Scar 17 still has a fair amount of vertical recoil, so simply pull down on your mouse/analog stick when firing for long periods of time. 

The FN Scar 17's 20 round magazine may be sufficient in Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer, but this can leave you underequipped when facing multiple armored enemies in Warzone. As a result, it’s often best to equip the 30 Round Mags to avoid any frustrating deaths. 


Lastly, the Stippled Grip Tape helps speed up your ADS and sprint to fire time, giving you a competitive advantage in any close-quarters skirmishes. While this attachment isn’t guaranteed to save you against the lightning-fast Fennec and MP5 loadouts, it will at least give you a fighting chance. 

Best FN Scar 17 loadout for Modern Warfare multiplayer

FN Scar 17 multiplayer loadout
Activision / Infinity Ward
Melt foes in close-quarter firefights with this speedy loadout.
  • Forge Tac CQC Pro
  • FSS Close Quarters Stock 
  • Commando Foregrip
  • Stippled Grip Tape
  • Sleight of Hand 

Modern Warfare’s standard multiplayer matches play a lot faster than those seen in Warzone, especially since the majority of maps force players into close quarter combat. As a result, we’ve swapped out the Monolithic Suppressor, Forge TAC 20.0” LB, and 30 Round Mags. While these attachments give the FN Scar 17 increased range damage and bullet velocity, they increase gun’s ADS speed.

Both the Forge Tac CQC Pro and FSS Close Quarters Stock lower your ADS speed and increase your movement speed, giving you increased agility and added accuracy when you need it the most. With these two attachments, the FN 17 plays more like an SMG, so don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with this loadout. 


We recommend keeping the Commando Foregrip and Stippled Grip Tape in pretty much every loadout you create as they feature next to no real drawbacks. Lastly, the Sleight of Hand Perk ensures that you can keep the FN Scar 17's lethal rounds flying, making it particularly useful in those engagements where you need to act fast. 

While the FN Scar 17 may not be the best assault rifle in the game, we think that it's definitely worth giving a go.