One Piece: What is Vegapunk’s Message?

Tulisha srivastava
One Piece Vegapunk

Vegapunk reveals the truth about the world in his message — so here’s everything you need to know about one of the most shocking moments in One Piece.

One Piece manga is currently revealing Vegapunk‘s broadcast as he tells the truth about the world. While Gorosei tries their best to stop the broadcast, Vegapunk fools them into thinking the message is broadcasted from Punk Records.

The elders knew nothing about the message, but they tried their best to stop the broadcast anyway. They knew that Vegapunk had many secrets, so whatever he was saying would spell trouble for them. Over the few decades of his service, Vegapunk’s inventions have helped the Marines strengthen their power.

However, he committed the biggest taboo by researching about the Void Century. Warning: This article contains spoilers from the manga!

What did Vegapunk say in his message?

One Piece Chapter 1113 manga

The message began with Vegapunk revealing that the world will sink in the future. One Piece Chapter 1114 sheds more light on it. Vegapunk says that the sea level will rise by one meter due to earthquakes. However, it won’t be a natural disaster.

He talks about his two sins, one of which is creating the Mother Flame and the other of researching the Void Century. Imu used the Mother Flame to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom, which caused earthquakes that raised the sea level by one meter.

The weapon still exists, and it’s a small flame placed underwater inside a tank, similar to how the scientist’s head was placed inside a tank. Additionally, Vegapunk talked about Nika and Joyboy’s origins. Nika, the legendary Warrior of Liberation, is spoken of in Elbaf, the kingdom of Giants.

One Piece Joyboy

Meanwhile, the first Joyboy was a young man from the ancient kingdom. He had the power to stretch his body like Nika. Joyboy was first mentioned in the Fish-Man Island Arc, but nothing was known about his origins till now.

Joyboy was the first pirate in history to play a major role in the Great War. The war was between the ancient kingdom and the 20 nations. However, it was a clash of different ideologies, so Vegapunk can’t determine who’s right.

Most of the world has sunk into the sea due to ancient weapons. The world they live in now is only a fragment of what it used to be. The chapter reveals the first look of Joyboy’s silhouette as he fights the rulers of 20 nations. Furthermore, Vegapunk also reveals that the war is still ongoing.

Will Vegapunk’s prediction come true?

One Piece Mother Flame

The Great War did irreplaceable damage to the world. Even after it was over, the sea levels kept rising due to the ancient weapons. Centuries ago, the sea level rose to 200 meters, and most of the world sunk without a trace.

Using Mother Flame on the Lulusia Kingdom is the catalyst of the same tragedy happening soon. The ancient weapons exist to this very day, and we can be sure they will be used again. Furthermore, Doflamingo said that most big cities will drown if the sea level rises by five meters. While there is a possibility the world won’t end this time, it’s almost certain that the sea level will continue to rise in the near future.

Vegapunk’s message will likely continue in One Piece Chapter 1116. We will update this space once new chapters release.

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