Naruto: The history and downfall of the Senju Clan explained

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An image of the Senju Clan members from Naruto

Despite being one of the strongest Shinobi Clans in Naruto, the Senju Clan had long disappeared from Konoha. Here’s what really happened to the legendary Senju Clan.

In Naruto, the Senju Clan plays a vital role in laying down the story’s foundation as its members not only founded the first Hidden Village but also served as Hokages for two generations. However, in the present time, only Tsunade is a known member of the clan. 

They belonged to a special bloodline and have provided several powerful warriors in history. Furthermore, Hashirama, a member of the Senju Clan, took the first step in establishing peaceful nations. This goes to show that the Senju Clan has a lot of significance in Naruto. 

Considering that the Senju Clan lived in the Hidden Leaf Village after its establishment, it’s safe to say that they ceased to exist many years ago. Delve deeper to find out what happened to the Senju Clan.

What makes the Senju Clan so special in Naruto?

An image of Hashirama and Tobirama from Naruto

The members of the Senju Clan are the direct descendants of Aura Otsutsuki, son of the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo. They inherited Asura’s powerful life force and Chakra. Unlike other Shinobi Clans, the Senjus didn’t specialise in just one area. 

Instead, they mastered all forms of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and even Genjutsu to use a wide variety of skills. They are also born with four or five times more Chakra than any ordinary Shinobi. The First and Second Hokage were from the Senju Clan, who were the two strongest Hokage in history until Naruto became one.

The never-ending conflict with the Uchiha Clan

An image of the Uchiha Clan and Senju Clan rivalry

Being Asura’s descendants, the Senjus inherited his ideology of achieving peace through love. On the other hand, the Uchiha Clan, who are the descendants of Indra Otsutsuki, believed in their ancestor’s ideology of achieving peace through power. This difference in ideology caused them to be on bad terms for centuries. 

Because they are almost equal in strength, the recurring battles would never determine an absolute winner. During the Warring States Period, the Senju and Uchiha emerged as the world’s most powerful shinobi clans. 

When one of the era’s new countries hired the Senju to fight in their wars, the opposite side hired the Uchiha. Thus, it wasn’t until Hashirama and Madara formed a peace treaty that the long war between the clans came to an end. 

The Senju Clan is no longer active in the current era

Even after establishing a village and forming alliances with other Clans and then newly developed villages, peace among them never lasted long. What used to be wars among Clans now became large-scale wars among villages. 

After Hashirama established the Hidden Leaf Village, three Great Shinobi Wars took place with countless casualties. Naturally, as an elite clan of Konoha, the Senjus also took part in them. It isn’t clear what exactly happened to the Senju Clan, but according to Konoha Hiden, the fourth book of the Naruto Hiden series, the Senju Clan is no longer active. 

They didn’t all necessarily die like the Uchiha Clan, but rather the surviving members chose not to be affiliated with any village and live in peace alone. Regardless, the Senju’s influence lives on in all of Konoha’s residents, primarily through the Senju’s Will of Fire.

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