Jujutsu Kaisen: How did Toji bypass the barriers surrounding Jujutsu High?

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Toji Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen

The recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen features the Sorcerer Killer making the first against the sorcerers, and it’s brutal. However, what’s truly surprising is how easily Toji bypasses the barriers surrounding Jujutsu High.

Jujutsu Kaisen had already revealed Toji was making plans to take down Satoru Gojo and complete his mission of killing Riko Amanai. The recent episode features the flawless execution of his ingenious plot that shakes the very foundation of the Jujutsu world.

The Sorcerer Killer wastes in dealing with Gojo and Riko before moving on to Geto. However, the biggest question that confuses everyone is how Toji is able to bypass the barriers surrounding Jujutsu High.

In Season 1, when Hanami and the Curse Users infiltrated the school, an alarm went off that alerted everyone present. Furthermore, in the prequel movie, all Sorcerers gathered in one place when Geto and his group entered the school uninvited. Delve deeper to find out why Toji is able to bypass the barriers surrounding Jujutsu High without alerting anyone.

Toji can bypass the barriers around Jujutsu High because of two reasons

An image of Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen trailer

The reason Master Tengen is revered as an entity in Jujutsu Kaisen is because of the barriers that protect the Jujutsu world. Any unregistered cursed energy, whether they are humans or curses, will trigger an alarm that will alert everyone about the intruder. However, Toji doesn’t have a trace of Cursed Energy, meaning he can come and go without regard for the barriers. 

Toji also carries a cursed spirit with him called the “Inventory Curse.” It’s a low-level curse that stores all his tools and several other low-level curses within its body. The Inventory Curse can shrink in size and allow Toji to swallow it before infiltrating a place. This helps the curse hide its presence and all the things it carries within itself.

Therefore, both Toji and the Inventory Curse can bypass any barrier in the Jujutsu world without alerting anyone. They don’t leave any residue behind, so no one will know that the two had ever been there. Toji is able to convert his biggest weakness of having no cursed energy into his greatest strength. 

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