Bleach TYBW Part 2 will reveal Uryu Ishida’s goal

The key visual of Bleach TYBW Part 2 featuring Ichigo and UryuCrunchyroll

The new key visual of Bleach TYBW Part 2 hints at the conflict between Uryu and Ichigo. Season 1 ended with Uryu’s betrayal as he joined the Sternritters out of nowhere. 

The new trailer for Bleach TYBW Part 2 shows the intense conflict between the Wandenreich and Soul Society, including amazing action moments of fan-favourite characters. 

Owing to the final scene of Part 1, where Uryu joins the Sternritters, fans already have high expectations from the upcoming season, especially after the key visual teases the conflict between the two friends.

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However, Uryu has a hidden motive for joining the enemies, and Bleach TYBW Part 2 will finally reveal the truth behind it. Delve deeper to find out why the last Quincy decided to betray his friends.

Uryu Ishida’s role in Bleach TYBW Part 1


In the entire season, Uryu barely had any significant scenes. Regarding the invasion of Hueco Mundo, Uryu decided to take a neutral stand considering his job as a Quincy is to destroy Hollows and not save them.

However, Uryu is kind enough to help anyone in need, regardless if they are Soul Reapers or Hollows. What’s more, the one asking for help is Pesche Guatiche, someone Uryu has already worked with before. 

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Then, while Ichigo and the others rush to Hueco Mundo, Uryu decides to look through his family’s old records. He tries to find clues regarding his mother’s death. Kanae Katagiri was already in frail health, and she was believed to die from her illness. 

However, Uryu realized there was more to it than that. He ultimately found that Yhwach’s Auswählen was the cause behind it. Uryu only reunites with his friends as enemies after they are separated in Bleach TYBW.

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What is Uryu Ishida’s motive behind betraying his friends?


Whether intentionally or not, Bleach has never once portrayed Uryu as evil. Even when he was introduced as Ichigo’s enemy, the series would make up for his stern personality by adding scenes of him stitching stuffed toys or something. 

The series doesn’t take long to reveal his true intentions of joining the Sternritters. After realizing his mother didn’t die of her illness and was “killed” by the sudden loss of energy after the Auswählen, Uryu decided to take revenge for her.

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Therefore, he not only became Yhwach’s subject but also got chosen as his successor. It was all a plot to infiltrate the Wandenreich Empire and act as a double agent for the Soul Society. He even fought with Ichigo and the others to keep up the facade. 

However, Uryu’s infiltration was a success since he deduced a key weakness in the undefeatable Quincy King. As long as Yhwach shares his Almighty ability with Jugram, he becomes vulnerable. Therefore, Uryu managed to achieve his goal by infiltrating Yhwach’s empire.

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