Bleach creator wants to remake anime to be more “faithful”

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Bleach creator Tite Kubo comments about his wish for an anime remake that will be more faithful to the manga.

During the 2000s, what some anime fans might call the golden era of the Shonen genre, Bleach stood at the pinnacle alongside One Piece and Naruto, with the title of one of the Shonen Big Three.

However, that didn’t stop fans from being disappointed with the series. Ultimately, it was canceled in 2012 without ever adapting the Final Arc until 2022. The series returns with stellar animation with the same incredible story. Even after the ten-year-long wait, the fandom is more than happy to watch their favorite series.

However, much of the story was adapted from the previous anime, which had its fair share of controversies due to the insane number of filler episodes. Here’s what Bleach creator Tite Kubo has to say about the anime remake.

Bleach creator wants an anime remake that will follow the manga

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Reikorun transcribed hundreds of answers from Kubo’s Q&A site, Klub Outside, via Tumblr, with the creator expressing interest in a Bleach remake several times. One of the questions reads, “Is there any possibility that the Bleach anime will be released to the world in the form of a full remake? I think that with current technology, it would be possible to depict the world-building more beautifully.”

Kubo responds simply by saying, “There are no such plans, but I’d like to make that happen.” Additionally, he was also asked, “If it were to come true, would you ever wish for a Bleach anime adaptation, which faithfully follows the original work, to be broadcast by way of a remake?” Kubo replies, “I think I would.”

The creator also confirmed his lack of involvement in the anime. The question reads: “I heard that Kubo-sensei was in charge of the design aspect for the anime original characters Amagai Shūsuke and Kanō Ashido, but was sensei the one who actually designed the anime original characters themselves?”

In response, Kubo says, “All characters in the anime originals that are not expressly stated as being designed by me are the product of Kudō-san’s taste. I may have done a final design check on the Amagai arc at least, but I didn’t touch anything surrounding the Bount arc.”

Bleach TYBW Part 2 created quite a lot of buzz in 2023. Part 3 is confirmed to be released in 2024, though it’s still awaiting a release date. The series will cover the entire TYBW Arc from the manga in four parts, each having 13 episodes.

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