WoW Shadowlands Mage Tower guide: Location, challenges by spec & appearance rewards

Lauren Bergin
WoW Shadowlands Mage Tower Tauren Mage armor

Looking for a WoW Mage Tower guide for Shadowlands? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know: from how to get to its entrance to the appearances you’ll get as rewards.

Alongside a slew of highly-anticipated changes, WoW Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 reintroduced the Mage Tower back into the game.

While fans have questioned the return of the new and improved Werebear form for Guardian Druids, others are excited to dive back into the Mage Tower and slay its inhabitants in a nostalgia-fueled frenzy.

If you’re completely new to the Mage Tower, though, or are looking for an overview of all its new features, we’ve got a full rundown of its location, challenges by spec, and, of course, the appearances you’ll get as rewards – including that Werebear skin.


WoW Mage Tower in Legion
The Mage Tower’s doors have been flung open once more, and it beckons to players far and wide.

How to get to the Mage Tower entrance in WoW Shadowlands

The Mage Tower is located at Deliverance Point in the Broken Shores, just next to Dalaran. The quickest way to get there is using your Dalaran Hearthstone.

From here, while in Legion Timewalking, speak to War Councilor Victoria to enter the Tower and start slaying. You must also have achieved Level 50.

Challenges by Spec & Appearance Rewards

In an attempt to ensure that players who previously played through the Tower retain their item exclusivity, Blizzard decided to add some new and improved rewards with this iteration of the Tower.

These come in the form a class-specific recolor of the Mythic Tier 20 Tomb of Sargeras set, as well as the highly sought-after Werebear skin for Guardian Druids.

Additionally, completing all seven challenges on different characters across your account will net you the Soaring Spelltome mount.

Below are the Challenges, as well as what specs can complete them. Bear in mind Challenges must be completely survived to earn rewards, and no longer require an Artifact.

Challenge Spec
Closing the Eye Frost Death Knight, Havoc Demon Hunter, Survival Hunter, Subtlety Rogue, and Arms Warrior.
An Impossible Foe Unholy Death Knight, Feral Druid, Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, Elemental Shaman, and Fury Warrior.
The God-Queen’s Fury Arcane Mage, Retribution Paladin, Assassination Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, and Demonology Warlock.
Feltotem’s Fall Beast Mastery Hunter, Windwalker Monk, Discipline Priest, and Destruction Warlock.
The Highlord’s Return Blood Death Knight, Vengeance Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk, Protection Paladin, and Protection Warrior.
End of the Risen Threat Restoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, and Restoration Shaman.
Thwarting the Twins Balance Druid, Marksmanship Hunter, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest, and Affliction Warlock.

WoW Mage Tower: Guardian Druid Werebear reward

While other classes only receive item transmogs and the new armor, Guardian Druids can finally rejoice as the iconic Werebear is back!

In response to player feedback, Blizzard have reintroduced the Werebear, but this time it’s decked out in black and neon green in a Fel-inspired design. This allows players to grind for something new, whilst also maintaining the exclusive nature of the original white skin.

WoW Shadowlands Mage Tower werebear druid skin
This new Werebear is here to give its snowy counterpart a run for its money.

So, that’s everything you need to know about the return of the Mage Tower in WoW Shadowlands. Looking to master the Covenants and take down the Jailer in style? Be sure to check out our Shadowlands tips and tricks:

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