WoW fans outraged after Blizzard reuses “exclusive skin” for all players

WoW Mage Tower Legion white werebear druid skinBlizzard Entertainment

As part of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5, the Mage Tower’s hallowed halls are open for business once more, but some WoW fans aren’t happy that a supposedly Legion “exclusive” skin is making a return. 

World of Warcraft: Legion has etched itself into WoW history as being one of the title’s best expansions. With the now infamous Sylvanas having a bit more substance, and the introduction of Garrisons breathing new life into the gameplay, recent expansions have struggled to follow in Legion’s footsteps.

One of the best aspects of Legion was the Mage Tower, which allowed players to grind for different rewards by completing a series of Challenges. One of these prizes was the iconic Werebear form for Guardian Druids, a class that many believe has been left out in the cold.

While many fans are overjoyed to hear that the Tower will return alongside Patch 9.1.5, some haven’t greeted the new and improved version with open arms.

WoW Mage TowerBlizzard Entertainment
The Mage Tower has returned, but so has a supposedly “exclusive” skin…

WoW players rage over return of “exclusive” Druid skin

Alongside a variety of different armor recolors for a selection of classes, the iconic Werebear skin will return for Guardian Druid players. While for many this new black and green fel-style Werebear is the perfect reward for completing challenges, some are not pleased to see this furry fiend make its reappearance.

This is because, as Legion Druids will know, the original Werebear (stylized in white instead of black) was supposed to be an exclusive skin. After the Mage Tower closed, there was no way to get it, leaving players feeling pretty accomplished for getting a cosmetic that would never return.

Despite Blizzard writing that adding the original skins back into the game would “diminish those players’ accomplishment,” hence they have elected to rework them to look different, this logic hasn’t satisfied some irritated players.

WoW Shadowlands Mage Tower werebear druid skinBlizzard Entertainment
Despite now having black fur and neon green highlights, some players are upset the Werebear has returned at all.

“Remember when you farmed for that awesome Druid bear model and they said it wouldn’t be available again? This is a slap in the face to all us who farmed hard for it,” fumes one player.

“I do kinda hate that you put the Werebear on there,” writes another. “I worked my a** off for that in 7.2 after never playing Druid before so it sucks they’re putting it back out.”

Whether or not Blizzard will make adjustments to the Werebear, as well as add in the Werecat form for Feral Druids, remains unseen. However, we can’t wait to take our first steps into the revamped Mage Tower and get ready to grind all over again!